Quality Ratings:

A: TV, professional or commercial release (but only if not avaialble)
B: Audience recording
C: Really bad, for historical purposes really

Recent DVD's to be assessed


Covenant“Mera Luna Festival-Live In Hildesheim 8.08.2004 “, abit shaky but good, full menu and inseding, B+
Covenant”Europa Tour-Live In Miami 25.10.1998”
Jean Michael Jaare “Oxygene In Moscow 6.09.1997”

Depeche Mode DVD's
Utrecht, 14th December 1982, full menu and indexed, TV, sounds good, A-
Interview, See YOu, Boys Say Go, Leave in Silence, Meaning of Love, Just Can't Get Enough

Birmingham, 3rd February 1984, full menu and indexation, bad TV copy in B&W, sounds good, A-
Everything Counts, backstage, Shame, Told You So, MOre Than a Party, Just Can't Get Enough, Photographic

London, 16th April 1986, Pro complete
2/05/1986 Stuttgart Black Celebration Tour DVD yes Pro complete
15/05/1986 Hamburg Black Celebration Tour DVD yes Pro complete

Spandau Ballet
Westfahlenhalle, Dortmund, 21st November 1984, no art, indxed but no menu, A
01. Communication 02. Only when you leave 03. Round and round 04. Nature of the Beast 05. Gold 06. True 07. Chant No. 1 08. Lifetime 09. Cut a long Story

Alphaville Krakow, 23rd June 2007 (bonus Desissleres)TV PRO DVD

Apoptygma Berzerk Krakow, 25th November 2006, no art, full menu and indexation, OKsound and vision, some distortion, B
Disc 1:
Disc 2:

Berlin, 26th September 2004, no menu or indexation although De/Vision start on chapter 5, no art, left floor, good vision, sound distorted, B+
Sightseeing with band, support band,

Human League
Southend-On-Sea, 28th November 2006, (Rear Tripod ?) Mini DV, Incomplete, no menu or indexation, clear but distant, OK sound B

Clan Of Ximox
Santiago, 3rd September 2004, (Right Rear), no menu or indexation, sounds OK, vision not bad except over use of zoom, B

Simple Minds
Sava Center Hall, Belgrade, Serbia, 7th March 2006, full menu and indexation, good sound and clear balcony vision, B+
Blicking Hall, Norwich, 16th July 2004, full menu and indexation, not bad but outdoors and abit distant, B
SWR3 Studio, Baden-Baden, Germany, 30th August 2005, full menu and indexation, A+
MFC, Wellington, New Zealand, 15th May 2006, 2 DVD's, no menu or indexation, good sound with slight distortion, clear balcony vision, B+

Soft Cell
Oxford Road Show, 00/01/82   TV   8/9  11'
Old Grey Whistle Test, 04/02/82   TV  9/9.5   8'
London, Ocean, 17/03/01   PV 9.5/10  98'

La Edad de Oro: Madrid, 00/07/81   TV   9.5/10  54'
Fan Club Video Collection   OFF. 9/9.5  46'

Depeche Mode
16.05.97 „Ultraparty“ Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles, menu, indexed, A-

18.11.03 „Avo Session Basel“, tv a, Dave Gahan & Band, full show + tons of extras, full menu, indexed, A

Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, 4th June 2006, full meu, indexed, A

13.07.06 Waldbühne Berlin aud a, 2-camera-shot, full show, full menu, indexed, B+

Einstürzende Neubauten
01.04.2000 Berlin, Columbiahalle a 2 DVD, no art, no menu, not indexed, A

Haujobb and Covenent,
Red Club, St Petersburg, 27th April 2007, no menu, single track, sound distorts abot, picture OK, B

Kim Wilde
Plock, 6th March 2006, no menu, single track, bons material, B+
Born to be Wild, Never Trust a Stranger,

London, 21st Aptil 2002, no menu, poor sound and vision, B-

Cabaret Voltaire
08/11/83 Hacienda DVDR NTSC 1 B+ 60 minutes. MENU. Transferred from OOP VHS
02/19/86 Hacienda DVDR NTSC 1 B+ 60 minutes. MENU + > promos

Chris & Cosey
??/??/84 Elemental 7 DVDR NTSC 1 A- 60 minutes. > MENU. From rare OOP compilation of visuals set to > Chris and cosey's music.
02/14/88 Markthalle DVDR PAL 1 A- 52 minutes. MENU. > Very dark, but good sound

10/31/83 Hollywood DVDR NTSC 0 B- 45 minutes (cut). > DVD also has Devo live on Merv Griffin 9/25/80, Devo > live on Square Pegs show, Devo live on French TV > 1978 (30minutes) and Devo live on Fridays show. MENU

Fad Gadget > ??/??/04 "Ultimate Collection" Compilation DVD DVDR > NTSC 1 A- 90 minutes. MENU. Includes promos, > interviews, TV appearances and a 39 minute live show from 2004 (unknown venue). Quality varies

??/??/89 The White Room Film + Extras DVDR PAL 1 A > 70 minutes total. MENU. Impossibly rare!
??/??/91 "The Work" oop compilation + Extras DVDR > NTSC 1 A+ 103 minutes total. MENU. Rare oop vhs > compilation of promos + "Waiting" + "This is Not > What The KLF Is About"

Sigue Sigue Sputnik
01/01/86 Bliss In Concert TV SHOW DVDR PAL 1 A+ 25 > minutes. On same DVD as 2 Psychic TV shows

John Foxx
Middlesborough Arena                      Video                      16.9.1997
Exotour                                  Video                      15.10.1997 (+ soundcheck)

Mtv Oz 90- Great Southern Land, Miss Divine, We Can Get Together, Big Fun, Walls, Wind & Sail, Mercy On The Boy, Great Divide, Cant Help Myself, Miracle Mile, Man Of Colours, Crazy, Nothing Too Serious.

Ultravox Mine For Life 1 (Bootleg) - can't copy

Ultravox Mine For Life 2 (Bootleg) - can't copy

Ladytron 10.08.2001 - Saint-Malo, La Route Du Rock [bootleg] - can't copy


TANGERINE DREAM. TV Live collection.
Warsaw Ice Stadium 1983 (Polish Tv PAGART) + Munchen Germany 1981 + Coventry Cathedral England 1975 + Sydney Australia 1982

TV concert and solo videos (from commercial release)

Music videos, Pre-2000 live, Post-2000 live, Other projects


Trafic Musique, 19/09/03 TV   10 115’

Roma, Villa Ada, 16/07/01   PV  9.5/10  89’ and Liege, 1980   TV    9.5  40’

DAF   Frankfurt, Batschkapp   PV   9  35’   and
Madness Hamburg, Markthalle, 29/11/81   . TV    95/10  78’

Duran Duran London, Hammersmith Odeon,26/11/82   TV 9.5  56’
Depeche Mode   Amsterdam, Paradiso, 1981   PV  8/9  47’



TV Appearances
DVD 1 (1:56:09)
DVD 2 inc Mantrap (1:12:57)

Berlin, 1996, no menu or indexation, Front Floor, B

Gothenburg, Sweden. 30th March 1999, full menu and indexation, dull/abit distorted sound, fairly clear balcony vision, B

Fete de la Musique, Dudelange, Luxenburg, 15th June 2002, full menu and indexation, right floor, no art, behind a boufhead but quite good, B+

The Ice Palace, St. Petersburg 25th April 2003, Front Floor Mini Dv, no menu or indexation, vision OK, sound abit dull, B

And One
Body Pop Tour, Red Club, St. Petersburg, 7 October 2006, no art, DAO, full menu and indexation, abit distant compared to all the other closer camcorder, but clear and good sound, B+
~91 min

Apoptygma Berzerk
Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival I, 6th December 2003, no art, DAO, full menu and indexation, steady and clear, B+
Mourn, Unicorn, Deep Red, Eclipse, Stitch, Bitch, Suffer in Silence, Nonstop Violance, Kathy's Song, Starsign, Love Never Dies, Until The End of The World ~66 min

Art of Noise, The
Invisible Silence,  (and Yello and Shriekback on same DVD), no art, DAO, abit strong on colour, problem: freezes on Beat Box, A
Intro - Max Headroom Intro, Close To The Edit, Paranoima, Legs, Moments In Love, Beat Box, Instruments Of Darkness, Back Beat, Opus 4, Peter Gunn, End Credits (59:22)

Assemblage 23
Fire Benefit For Music Werks, Seattle, 2nd August 2002, no art, no index, not tracked, distant but steady, sound OK, B

US Fest, 1983
Maquerade, The Metro, Pictures Of You, Touch, Tell Me Why, Sex Im A.., Bonus Videos: Masquerade German TV Live, Masquerade Sold Gold TV Show , The Metro Sold Gold TV Show

Japan, 1987
Will I Ever Understand You, Tell Me Why, You Dont Know, No More Words, Touch, Pink And Velvet, For All Tommorrows Lies, Dancing In Berlin, Take My Breath Away, Sub Lamit City ?, Masquerade Only The Japan Tv One , Like Flames, Bonus Videos: Take My Breath Away Live Japan TV, Like Flames Japan TV, You Dont Know Japan TV, Inteviews Japan TV

Los Angeles, 11th October 2002, TV includes interview excerpts, fantastic show, A+
Opening, Masquerade, The Metro, Drug, No More Words, Shiny, Pleasure Victim, Lost My Mind, Stranger on a Bus, Dopeshow,  Blink of an Eye,  Take My Breath Away, Sex I'm a....., With a Touch, Never Let Me Down

WowWow, Glasgow Apollo, 31st Devember 1979       ""         "SBD"
" 08/18/1982 " "Canadian National Exhibition Granstand"         " Toronto "        "ON"     "SBD"   - I Get "Region Error" - so I can't see it!

Buzzcocks, The
B Dum B Dum documentary and 1989 Nottingham gig, no art, DAO, A

Fanzelten Festival, Meltewitz/Waldsee, 19th July 2002, menu and indexed, B+

Crakow, 25th November 2005, menu, indexed, sound good, vision OK, B

Church, The
Bologna 1986 (34:37), Italian TV (14:14), Rolling Stone - Milan 1988 (51:48), not indexed, A-

Bluebird Theatre, Denver Colorado, 17th October 1998, no menu, indexed, B+

Albert Hall, Italy, and Dutch and German clips, not indexed, B

Bowery Ballroom, New York, 4/10/99 or 10/4/99, no art, B+
Hiroshima Mon Amor, Destination,

Studio 22, Sydney, 16th March 2000, not indexed, A
Ripple, (26:58)

Paradise Club, Boston, 26th April 2002, no art, not indexed, B
Live at the Basement, 2006, accoustic, not indexed, A

TV Compilation (2 DVD), indexed, A/A-

Melkewitz, 20th July 2002, no art, DAO, B

Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival III, Tochka, 10th December 2005, no art, single track, abit distant and sounds abit dull, B
~79 mins

Cure, The

Metz, Salle Europe, Metz, 17th October 1981, black and white steady long shot with quite good sound, B and L’Echo des Bananes, 11th April 1982, TV, A, no indexing, great DVD!
Holy Hour, In Your House, The Drowning Man, 10:15 Saturday Night, Accuracy, The Funeral Party, M, Primary, Other Voices, All Cats are Grey, At Night, 3 Imaginary Boys, Fire in Cairo, Play for Today, Splintered in Her Head, A Forest, Faith (~84")
Cold, The Hanging Garden, One Hundred Years, Play for Today, A Forest, The Figurehead (~32')

Glasgow, Barrowlands Ballroom, 25/08/84   TV
Shake the Dog, Primary, The Walk, The Hanging Garden, One Hundred Years, Give Me It, A Forrest, Piggy in the Mirror, Happy the Man, Play for Today, The Caterpillar, 10:15 Saturday Night, Lilling and Arab (~55:00)
AND Ultravox
Essen, 1983, etc AND Human League, The Generation '80, etc

Vieilles charrues 2002 (with a MERCURY REV show 1999 at belfort eurokéennes) (2h)

Frauenfield Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland, 25th July 2002, no art, DAO, abit pixelly in places, A

Aix les Bains 4th July 2004 and Naples 20th June 2004 audience but good (2h30)

The Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, 8th September 2004, no art, DAO, A
Intro, Lost, Plainsong, Labyrinth, Fascination Street, The End Of The World, Anniversary, Lovesong, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Pictures Of You, Lullaby, Before Three, From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, Alt.End, Disintegration, One Hundred Years, The Promise, M, Play For Today, A Forest, Forever

Halle Tony Garnier, Lyonn, France, 19th November 2004, no art, DAO, A and Beat Club, England, 197?, A

Depeche Mode

Liverpool, 6th November 1981, and Utrecht 1982 doco, not indexed, rare, A-
1981 - Television Set, Photographic, New Life, Puppets, Just Can't Get Enough, Tora Tora Tora, No Disco
1982 - See You, Boys Say Go, Leave in Silence, Meaning of Love

Mandagsboersen, Stockholm, 8th March.1982, TV studio, plus other TV, Menu, A
Intro, New Life, Dave interview, See You, Just Can't Get Enough, and New Life (TOTP), Just Can't Get Enough (TOTP), The Meaning of Love (WWF-Club)

London, Hammersmith Odeon, 25th October 1982   TV and John Foxx La Edad de Oro: Madrid, 1983 TV
My Secret Garden, See You, Satellite, New Life, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Nothing to Fear, Leave in Silence, Shouldn't Have Done That, The Meaning of Love, Just Can't Get Enough, Photograph of You, The SUn and the Rainfall (~54:00)

Wembley Arena, 1986, Professional unreleased Mute film, no index, no image at start, abit fuzzy, A
Black Celebration, A Question of Time, ..... (~90 mins)

Sportshalle, Cologne, 6th November 1987; and Palau St. Jordi, Barcelona, 16th October 1998, menu and indexed, B

The Touring the Angel, Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, USA, 23rd November 2005, single camer from right balcony, clear and good sound, B+
~111 min

Chicago, IL, 29th November 2005, no art, DAO, not bad but vision drops out at start because bootlegger has to put the camera away, B+
Intro, A Pain That I'm Used To, John The Revelator, A Question Of Time, Policy Of Truth, Precious, Walking In My Shoes, Suffer Well, Damaged People, Home, I Want It All, The Sinner In Me, I Feel You, Behind The Wheel, World In My Eyes, Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence, Somebody, Just Can't Get Enough, Everything Counts, Never Let Me Down Again, Goodnight Lovers

SKK Peterburgsky, St. Petersburg, Russia, 3rd March 2006, menu and indexed, good sound but not good vision, shaky, B

The Touring the Angel, Papp Laszlo Arena, Budapest, Hungary, 21st March 2006, multi camera, 5.1 sound apparently available, full menu and indexation, B++
~116 min

Legia Stadium, Warsaw, 9th June 2006, no menu, indexed tracks, sound OK, B

6 Feet Underground Tour, Tochka Night Club, Moscow, Russia, 2nd October 2004, full menu and indexation, good vision and quite good sound, 2 full concerts form different cameras, vision better on A, sound slightly better on B, B
Intro, Uncaring Machine, Unputdownable, I'm Not Dreaming of You, Your Hands on My Skin, Blindness, Digital Dream, Drifting Sideways, Moments We Shared (~81 mins)

Diary of Dreams
Castle Party Festival, Bolkow, Poland, 27th July 2003, no art, not DAO, good audience with little interference, floor, DVD, B+
O Brother Sleep, Panic, Mankind, Amok, Retaliation, Chemicals, Soul Stripper, Butterfly Dance, She, Exile (50:33)

Duran Duran
Mandrasborgen, 11th September 1981, from TV, not a good copy from VHS, menu but not indexed, A-
Planet Earth, Anyone Out There, Girls on Film, Careless Memories (22')
Off the Record, 30th November 1981, TV, A-
Friends of Mine, Anyone Out There, Faster Than Light, My Own Way, Girls on Film, Careless Memories (24')
MTV New Year's Eve, 31st December 1982, TV, A-
Rio, Hold Back the Rain, Planet Earth, Girls on Film, Hungry Like the Wolf (26')
Storytellers: Bray Studios, Middlesex, 25th June 2000, A
Rio, Girls on Film, Hungry Like the Wolf, Notorious, A View to a Kill, Save a Prayer, Playing with Uranium, A View to a Kill, Ordinary World, Pop Trash (45')

Birmingham, 28th May 2005, single track, 2 DVD's, abit low in the crowd but good sound, B+
(~94 mins)

Elegant Machinery
Virtual Xmas 98, Majeriet, Lund, 12th December 1998, menu, index, A

B2, Moscow, 20th February 2005, no art, indexed, good sound and vision, B+

Flock of Seagulls, A
London, 1983, not indexed, from TV, abit fuzzy, A

Spaceage Lovesong, .... (~70)

Foxx, John and
La Edad de Oro: Madrid, 1983 TV
and Depeche Mode London, Hammersmith Odeon, 25/10/82   TV
Twilights Last Gleaming, Hidden Man, Parter Noster, Systems of Romance, Your Dress (~36:00)

John Foxx
TV Appearances, generally A-
Underpass, Burning Car, Europe After the Rain, interview, Riverside show inc JF, VH1 Overpass/Burning Car/interview/Nois/Burning Car/10 best, etc..................

Middlesbrough Arena, 21st April 1998, no art, DAO, rare, not indexed, B-
Intro, 20th Century, Burning Car, Overpass, This City, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Just For a Moment, Quiet Men, Instrumental, Dislocation, Here We Go, An Ocean We Can Breathe, Through My Sleeping, The Noise, Shifting City, Endlessly

Front 242
Mechanika Club, Moscow, 2nd April 2005, no art, DAO, good sound but abit distant vision, full menu and indexation, B+
Happiness, Body to Body, Religion, Together, Im Rhythmus Bleiben, Crapage, Animal, First In/First Out, One, Moldavia, Melt, Headhunter, Welcome to Paradise, Masterhit, Punish Your Machine

Frozen Autumn, The
Early Visuals, steady with good visuals but sound abit low, B
Wait for Nothing, Onyria, This Time (18:50)

Gothic Halloween, Red Club, St. Petersburg, 29th October 2006, good visual (B+) but sound distorts, B-

Hard Corps
Live at the Fridge, Brixton, A-
Lovers and Strangers, Lucky Charm, Dirty, Bravo!, Desolation Land

Human League, The
Generation '80, 1979, TV, B&W, Empire State Human
Mainstream, 1979, TV, The Path of Least Resistance
Musikladen, 1980, TV, Only After Dark
Vienna, 04/06/80, TV, B&W
The Black Hit of Space, A Crow and a Baby, Perfect Day, Blind Youth, Dreams of Leaving, Life Kills (~18:00)
AND Ultravox
Essen, etc, AND Cure, The Glasgow, Barrowlands Ballroom, 25/08/84   TV


Melbourne 1980 - Skin, Sister, Icehouse, We Can Get Together, Walls, Can't Help Myself
Sydney 1980 - Countdown Awards - Icehouse (amazing video - very very Numan - think box instead of pyramid!)
Sydney 1987 - Countdown Awards - Crazy
Sydney 24th November 1990 (according to Keno draw) - Miss Divine, We Can Get Together
Sydney 31st December 1999 - Ghost of Time
Sydney 1st January 2000 - Great Southern Land (accoustic)

Aus dem Alabama , Munich, 1983, no art, DAO, A
Icehouse, One by One, Street Cafe, All the Way, Love in Motion, Great Southern Land, Can't Help Myself, Hey Little Girl, We Can Get Together (40:50)

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, 24th June 1984, no art, DAO, A
This Time, Sidewalk, Hey Little Girl, Love in Motion, Stay Close Tonight, Don't Believe Anymore, Dusty Pages, Street Cafe, Can't Help Myself, Taking the Town (47:40)

The Ritz New York, 14th August 1986, no cover art, DAO, DVD, A
Don´t believe anymore, Paradise, Mr. Big, Hey little girl, Great southern land, Cross the border, The flame, No promises, Can´t help myself, Icehouse, Sister, Taking the town, Outro

Melbourne Australia, 13th February 1988, no art, DAO, DVD, A
We Can Get Together, Walls, Hey Little Girl, My Obsession, Mr Big, Electric Blue, Heartbreak Kid, Great Southern Land, No Promises, Cross The Border, Can't Help Myself, Crazy, Man of Colours, Baby You're So Strange, Nothing to Serious

Idol, Billy
Rock Am Ring, Germany, 16th May 2005, no art, DAO, indexed but I lose sound if I skip, A

Invincible Spirit, The
Heaven's Gate Festival, Strasbourg, France, 12th November 2005, no art, DAO, indexed, clear but sound abit muffled, B
~56 min

Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival II, Tochka, 11th December 2004, no art, DAO, full menu and indexation, clear picture and sound, B+
Vacant, Lands of Fire, Sorrow Expert, Lose in Wanting, Whatever, I Spite, Waves Crash In, Annire Would I Lie to You, When I'm Not Around, Appetite, Unknown, The Earth ~104

Jones, Howard
London, 22nd December 1983, no art, not DAO (fades to original video in 3 songs*), A
Hunt the Self, What is Love?*, Pearl in the Shell, Hide and Seek*, Equality, Like to Get to Know You, Conditioning,
Bounce Right Back, New Song*

Killing Joke
TV, A-
Aeon (Geman TV), Savage Freedom (German TV), We Have Joy (Brixton Ace 82), Wardance (Brixton Ace 82), Psyche (Brixton Ace 82), Pandys (Brixton Ace 82), Dominator (The Tube 83), Eighties (The Tube 83), Frenzy (The Tube 83), Nighttime (The Tube 85), Love Like Blood (The Tube 85), Kings And Queens (The Tude 85), The Infamous Paula Yates Interview (The Tube 85), Unspeakable (Generations 81), Exit (Generations 81), Frenzy (Spanish TV 83) , Lust Almighty (Spanish TV 83), Wardance (Spanish TV 83), Psyche (Spanish TV 83), Song And Dance (Spanish TV 83), Lust Almighty (Spanish TV 85), Complications (Spanish TV 85), Nighttime (Munich 85), Sun Goes Down (Munich 85), Tabazan (Munich 85), The Wait (Munich 85), Darkness (Munich 85), Chop Chop (Riverside 82), Empire Song (Riverside 82), Millennium (US TV 94), Wardance (Phoenix 94), Exocism (Phoenix 9)

TV2, A-
“Megahertz”-London, Hammersmith Palais, 00/12/82   TV   B&W   8/9  21’
The Hum, The Fall of Because, Wardance, We Have Joy, Empire Song, The Wait
London, Brixton Ace, 08/12/82     TV     8/9  15’
Psyche, The Pandys are Coming, We Have Joy, Wardance
The Tube, 16/02/83   TV    9/9.5  10
Dominator, Eighties, Frenzy
La Edad de Oro, 1983   TV   B&W      8/9     19’
Frenzy, Lust Almighty, Wardance, Psyche, Song and Dance
Roskilde Festival, 29/06/84   TV     9  20'
A New Day, The Wait, Change, Requiem, Eighties
The Tube, 16/01/85   TV      9/9.5  13’
Nightime, Love Like Blood, Kings and Queens
Formel Einz in Concert, 24/05/85   TV      8/9  18’
Nightime, Kings and Queens, Love Like Blood, Psyche, Eighties

Lorely Festival, 17th August 1985, no art, DAO, mistake in Love Like Blood, A
The Hum, Darkness Before Dawn, Requiem, Empire Song, Tabazan, Night Time, Kings and Queens, The Good Samaritan, Love Like Blood, Blood Sport, Complications, The Wait, Pssyche, Eighties, Wardance (59:59)

Roma, 1986   TV and
New Order Berlin, SO 36 Club, 27/05/81   PV   B&W
Twilight of the Mortals, Darkness Before Dawn, Nightime, Love Like Blood, Love of the Masses, Sun Goes Down, Requiem, The Wait, Wardance, Eighties, Complications, Rubicon (~51:00)

Paradiso, Amsterdam 23/1/91, menu and indexed, not too bad, steady but abot grainy, B-

Rock City, 19th April 1994, no art, DAO, B
Communion (part), War Dance (part), Whitepot, Requiem, Change, Labyrinth, Kings and Queens, Millenium, Exorcist, Love Like Blood, Communications, Eighties, The Wait, Pssyche, Mathematics of Chaos

Astoria, 12th October 2003, no art, DAO, official video boom gets in the way, B
Communion, Requiem, Total Invasion, War Dance, Blood on Your Hands, Change, Seeing Red, Fall of Because, Follow the Leader, Death End, Resurrection Show, Frenzy, Pssyche, Asteroid, Pandemonium

Amsterdam 3rd October 2005, no art, DAO, A/A-
Communion, War Dance, Sun Goes Down, Song and Dance, Primitive, Darkness Before Dawn, Total Invasion, Requiem, Butcher, Money in Not Our God, Frenzy, Asteroid, Whiteout, The Wait, Complications, Pssyche, Termite Mound, Blood Sport, Pandemonium

Sous le Ciel de Paris, 26th September 2002, no art, DAO, abit tinny on the treble, B+
Intro, Robots, Expo 2000, Home Computer, Man Machine, Tour De France, Autobahn, Model, Neon Lights, Pocket Calculator, Airwaves-Tango, Radioactivity, TEE, Numbers, Computerworld, Music Non Stop

Tilburg, Netherlands, 1st July 2005, indexation and menu, right balcony with quite good closeups, B+

La Route du Rock, Saint Malo, October 2001, menu, indexed, A

Sonar Festival, Barcelona, June 2003, not indexed, clear vision, good sound, distant but clear closeups, B+

DK Gorbunova, Moscow, 10th December 1994, proshot, indexed, A

Leaether Strip
Heuchellheim,Germany, 12th October or November 1992, close right balcony, sound abit distorted, DVD, B

Lennox, Annie
French TV, 27th March 1995, no art, DAO, no index, nottracked, A
Money Can't Buy It, Legend In My Livingroom, No More I Love You, ......

03/19/05 George South Africa Fancourt, 19th March 2005, no art, DAO, no index, not tracked, A
Little Bird, No More I Love You, .... (~45)

Liasons Dangereuses
Hacienda, Manchester, 11th November 1983, rare commercial VHS release, well mastered but some hiss, A
La Macho Y La Nena, Dias Cortas, Los Ninos Del Parque, El Tipo, Kess Kill Fe Show, Tiki, Peut Etre Pas, Mystere Dans Le Brouillard, Reggea - Dale Al Bombo, Cap Quadrat, Dankbar, Kokita

Live 8
Ontario, Canada, 2nd July 2005, no art, DAO, A
Disc 1:
Disc 2:
Disc 3:
Disc 4:

Crakow, 25th November 2005, menu, indexed, sound good, vision OK, B

Massive Attack
Bruxeles, 1998, single track, A

Don Jijuna 'Synthfestival', Lima, Perú, 4th February 2004, no art, DVD
Sternestaub, Bruder, Gib Mir Alles, Der Anfang, Welt Du Bist So Still, Der Blaue Planet, Wunsch Mich Nicht Zuruck, Kein Morgen, Wohim, Dein Meister, Kein Problem, Folge Mir Ins Licht, Manchmal, Reich Aus Glas + After Concert

B2 Club, Moscow, 9th October 2005, full index, tracked, distant, steady and clear with closeups, multi camera, good sound, B+

New Order

Berlin, SO 36 Club, 27/05/81   PV   B&W and
Killing Joke Roma, 1986   TV
Dreams Never End, Truth, I.C.B., Senses, Procession, Denial, In a Lonely Place, Everythings Gone Green (~44:00)

-Riverside 1982 temptation and chosen time,
-Barcelona tv 84 ceremony, hurt
and  a  complete concert :
-17/12/1985 , Leuven, Belgium
Let's Go, Age of Consent, Thieves Like Us, The Perfect Kiss, State of the Nation, Confusion, As It Is When It Was, The Village, Subculture, Atmosphere, Temptation, Blue Monday

BBC Basement Studios, 25th August 1984, A

Pumped Full of Drugs, Kosei Nenkin Hall , Tokyo , 2nd May 1985, no art, DAO, A
Confusion, Love Vigilantes, We All Stand, As It Is When It Was, Subculture, Face Up, Sunrise, This Time of Night, Blue Monday

London Town & Country Club, 4th October 1986, B

London Royal Albert Hall, 6th October 1986, B

The Hacienda, 13th October 1986, B- video, B sound

Brixton Academy London , 4th April 1987, A-
(50:11 and 27:11)

The Hacienda (incl. soundcheck), 10th June 1987, B+

Glastonbury Festival, 19th June 1987, B video B+ sound

G-Mex, Manchester, 17th December 1988, B-

Glastonbury , 25th June 2005, BBC3, no art, DAO, A+
Intro, Crystal, Love Vigilantes, Krafty, Transmission, True Faith, Run WIld, Jetstream, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Temptation, World in Motion

Nine Inch Nails
Video Bar, Dallas, TX, 26th June 1990, no art, Menu and indexed, proshot with a couple of cmeras, but pretty boring performance compared to Pipeline, A-
Terrible Lie, Sin Something I Can Never Have, Sanctified, Thats What I Get, Suck, The Only Time, Get Down Make Love, Down In It, Head Like A Hole (51:20)

The Pipeline, Newark, NJ, 18th July 1990, no art, no index, no menu, absolutely brilliant, great audience recording, B+
Intro (Hate 90), Terrible Lie, Sin, Something I Can Never Have, Sanctified, Thats What I Get, Suck *technical problems*, The Only Time, Get Down Make Love, Ringfinger, Down In It, Head Like A Hole (60:00)

Empire Club, Cleveland, 4th August 1990, full menu and indexation, pretty amazing, filmed from the stage, but not the best quality, B
Terrible Lie, Sin, Something I Can Never Have, Sanctified, Thats What I Get, Suck, Only Time, Get Down Make Love, Ringfinger, Down In It, Head Like A Hole

Toronto, Canada, 1st December 1994, no art, DAO, not tracked, wild show, keyboard bits everywhere, B+
Pinion, Mr.Self-Destruct, Sin, March Of The Pigs, Piggy, Reptile, Gave Up, Happiness In Slavery, Erasure, Hurt, Wish, Suck, The Only Time, Down In It, Head Like A Hole, Closer, Dead Souls (Joy Division), Something I Can Never Have

R, Video clips, tour footage and live at Woodstock 1994, art available, A

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, 17th August 2005, difficult lighting, balcony with good closeups, soound abit dull, B

Electric Factory, Philademphia, 5th November 2005, no art, DAO, very clear and good sound, B+
(98 mins)

Nitzer Ebb
Reading Festival, London, 25th August 1991 + Interviews, indexed, good sound, OK vision, B

Numan, Gary
Wembly TV, 15th February 2001, webcast, sounds good but abit low res, rare whole concert, A-
(~90 mins)

25th Anniversary Show, Shepherds Bush Empire 9th Feb 2003
Full show recorded with digital video camera, nice & steady (tripodused), This was  the best Numan bootleg video to date before the release of the Shepherds Bush March  2004 DVD. Also features full set by suporting act Sulphur.o features the entire set by supporting act Sulphur.

Hybrid,My shadow in vain, M.E, My Jesus, That's too bad, Ancients, Everyday I die, Torn, Down in the park, Please push no more, It must have been years, Crazier, Pure, I can't breathe, Rip, A prayer for the unborn, Cars, Are friends electric?, Bleed, I die you die, We are Glass

London Astoria  21st September 2003
Full show filmed in digital video from the balcony, Camera a bit wild in places but overall an excellent video.
Intro, Pure, Films, Rip, Moral, The aircrash bureau, Dark, Crazier, Jagged, My Jesus, Down in the park, Complex, Bleed, I Can't breathe, A prayer for the Unborn, My breathing, Ancients, Absolution, My shadow in vain, Are 'friends' Electric ?

London Shepherds Bush Empire 5th March 2004
Full show filmed in digital video, Nice & steady throughout, superb close up shots for most of the show. The best Numan bootleg video to date.
Exposure (Intro), Films, Call Out The Dogs, Crazier, Rip, Does God Bleed?, Metal, My Jesus, Walking Shadows, Down In The Park, Haunted, Prophecy, I 'm An Agent, Desire, Jagged, Prayer For The Unborn, M.E., Night Talk, My Breathing, Are 'Friends' Electric?

Music Video Anothology - video compiltion, A/A-

Rockstage Live At Nottingham 1980 (BBCTV recording, color, 25 min.RARE!!)

Drury Lane official - sent to me as something else - but if you want it.............good copy

Sheffield 1985 Live + Interview.( BBCTV recording, colour, 60 min., very good) (1dvd)

Berlin 1991 (Very rare colour audience recording, 65 min,sound on 1st track is bad, but rest of gig is excellent.)

01/??/1994      DVD(1)      A        South Africa

Police, The
Hatfield Polytechnic, 1979, DAO, no menu, indexed, A
Can't Stand Losing You, Hole in my Life, Roxanne, Truth Hits Everybody, Peanuts, Fallout, So Lonely, Message in a Bottle, Next to You

First Avenue, Minneapolis MN, 3rd August 1983, menu and indexed, A-

The Omni, Atlanta GA, 4th January 1985, menu and indexed, A-

Carrier Dome, Syracuse NY, 30th March 1985, menu and indexed, A

Project Pitchfork
Rockpalast & Interview, 10-13th January 2001, TV, DVD, A
Good Wrote, Daimoinion, Time Killer, Orange Moon, Requiem, Last Call, Existence, Island, Carnival, Rescue (53:45)

"Metal Care Club, Warsaw, 18th November 2005, not tracked, close and clear but not he best sound, B

Club DeMode, Lodz, Poland, 20th January 2007, DAO, not tracked, close and clear but not the best sound, B

Astoria Theatre, London, 1987, (and Yello and The Art of Noise on same DVD), B&W, noart, DAO, A
Nemesis, Black Light Trap, Gunning For The Buddha, The Reptiles And I, Feelers, Hammerheads, All Lined Up, My Spine (Is The Bassline) (42:56)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Live In Tokyo, Shibuya Quattro, 2002.06.08, full menu and indexation and extras, A
1. Sex - Bomb Boogie, 2. Everybody Loves U, 3. 21st Century Boy, 4. Alien Christ, 5. King Of Rock'n' Roll, 6. Hound Dog, 7. Always On My Mind, 8. What Sputnik Wants, 9. Hey Jayne - Mansfield Superstar!, 10. Slave Trade, 11. Teenage Thunder, 12. Love - Missile F1-11, 13. Atari Baby, 14. Rockit Miss - USA

Simple Minds
From German Television, Koln, 6th July 1982, no art, DAO, A
New Gold Dream (Instrumental)/warm-up, Love Song, Changeling, 30 Frames A Second, Premonition, Sweat In Bullet, Promised You A Miracle , King Is White And In The Crowd, I Travel, Celebrate, The American, Sons And Fascination, Room, Promised You A Miracle (86:11)

Roskilde,Festival 01/07/1983 74' (audience rec...b/w...ok..not brilliant!!)(ULTRA RARE!!

Roskilde Festival, 1983   TV
Promised You a Miracle, Someone Somwhere in Summertime, Big Sleep, Street Hassle (~24:00)
Pink Pop Festival, 1983   TV
GLittering Prize, Promised You a Miracle,
Someone Somwhere in Summertime (~15:00)
Bologna, Palasport, 1983   TV
Glittering Prize, Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel, Hunter and the Hunted, Promised You a Miracle,
Someone Somwhere in Summertime, Big Sleep, New Gold Dream, Sweat in Bullet (~48:00)
AND Ultravox - Monument

TV, 79-98, A

The Tube 83 , Hunter and the Hunted, Someone Somewhere in summertime, New Gold Dream
Oxford Road Show, 84 , Speed Your Love to Me,
The Tube 84 , Waterfront, Up on the Catwalk, Book of Brilliant Things,
OGWT 82 , Hunter and the hunted, someone somewhere, new gold ream
Rotterdam 85 OUAT Tour, 40 min, Waterfront, Don’t You, Book of Brilliant Things, OUAT, Sanctify Yourself, Alive & Kicking,
Dortmund 84, Promised You a Miracle, The American   the better version  of  this  song !!
TOTP 84 Up on The Catwalk (playback de JK, mdr)
TOTP 82 Promised You a Miracle (playback )
WOGAN ? 91, Stand by Love,
TOTP 95, Hypnotised,
TF1 98, War Babies,
TOTP 95, She’s A River
WOGAN ? 98, Glitterball,
The Tube 82 ? Interview JK et Charlie
SNL 86, Alive & Kicking,
TV Italia 91, Travelling Man,
Arsenio Show ? 91, See The Lights,
Promo Clip 79 ?, Chelsea Girl,
Rotterdam 85 (suite), Ghostdancing
Mandela Wembley Stadium 89, Waterfront, with Johnny Mar, That’s only Rock’n Roll, Mandela Day, East at Easter, Alive & Kicking,
Live Aid 86, Ghostdancing, DYFAM, Promised You A Miracle,
TOTP 82 ?,Glittering Prize   (playback)
Euro TV 84 , Waterfront  (playback)
Euro TV 81 ?, Love Song   (playback)   amazing    !!  great  !!
Oxford Road Show 83 , New Gold Dream


Sisters of Mercy
Brixton 1983, no art, not DAO, B
Kiss The Carpet, Alice, Anaconda, Valentine, Jolene,  Heartland, Adrenochrome, Gimme Shelter, Emma (34:17)

petterbourg 83

York Racecourse, 22nd September 1984, no art, DVD, 3 OK closeups, the rest not so good, B-
Rock and a Hard Place, Floorshow, Alice, Burn, Heartland, Marian, Anaconda, Wlak Away, Emma, Rock and a Hard Place, Floorshow, Alice, Body Electric, Gimme Shelter, ? (83:38)

Maxim, Stuttgart, 12th November 1984, menu, index, better sound than vision, very dark and smokey, B
Burn, Heartland, Marian, Walk Away, Body and Soul, No Time to Cry, Anaconda, Emma, A Rock and a Hard Place, Train, Floorshow, Alice, Body Elecric, Gimme Shelter, Knocking on Heavens Door, Sister Ray

Fender Ballroom, Long Beach, 30th May 1985, index, menu, not good video, right side, alot of smoke and fuzzy closeups, sound is quite good though, B

Vison song ( better version that rare tv and promos but approximately the same tracklist)

wembley 90

Brixton Academy, 20th December 1993, indexed, B

Forum, London, 5th September 2000. no art, DAO, DVD, B
First and Last and Always, Train/Detonation Boulevard, Ribbons, Crash and Burn, Summer, Amphetamine Logic, Giving Ground, Will I Dream?, Temple of Love, On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire, We are the Same, Suzanna, Dominion/Mother Russia, Romeo Down, War on Drugs, This Corrosion, Something Fast, Flood II, Top Nite Out, Vision Thing (79:35)

Astoria, London, 22nd February 2001, no art, DAO, DVD, B
First and Last and Always, Ribbons, Come Together, Crash and Burn, Body, Electric, Summer, Will I Dream?, Dominion/Mother Russia, Flood I, Alice, Giving Ground, We are the Same, Suzanna, Romeo Down, On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire, Anaconda, Vision Thing, War on Drugs, Capricorn/I Didn't Know I Love You ('till I Saw You Rock'n'Roll), Top Nite Out, Temple of Love (85:15)

Dark Harvest Festival, Electric Factory, Philadelphia, 28th June 1997, no art, DAO, good sound and vision, balcony with closeups, DVD, B+
Vision Thing, Ribbons, Come Together, Train/Detonation Boulevard, Giving Ground, Amphetamine Logic, On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire, Body Electric, Dominion/Mother Russia, Under the Gun, Summer, Alice, Anaconda, War on Drugs, Flood II, Temple of Love, Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger, First and Last and Always, Something Fast, This Corrosion (95:29)

Tears For Fears
Satory Hall, Koln, 12th May 1981 (commonly thought to be 12th September 1983), no cover art, DAO, A
Memories Fade, The Way You Are, Suffer The Children, Pale Shelter, The Prisoner, Ideas As Opiates, The Hurting, Mad World, Watch Me Bleed, Change, Start Of The Breakdown, Mad World, Pale Shelter (64:20)

California Hall, San Francisco , 5th May 1981, menu and indexed, B+

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, 14th May 1983, no art, only part, A
The Voice, Vienna, Mine For Life, All Stood Still, Hymn, (The Song) We Go

Essen, 1983, TV
Vienna, Hymn (10:00)

Rockpop, 1976   TV   B&W
I Came Back Here to Meet You, Modern Love, Slip Away, TV Orphan, I Won't Play Your Game, Wide Boys, Saturday Night in the City of the Dead (~20:00)

AND Human League, The Generation '80, etc AND Cure, The Glasgow, Barrowlands Ballroom, 25/08/84   TV

Ure, Midge
Hamburg , 1st September 1996,

Music Hall, Koln, 19th February1991, no art, DAO, full menu, TV, A
10 songs

VNV Nation
Schwabinge Ballhaus, Munchen, Germany, 30th September 1999, no art, indexation and menu, B+
First Light, Joy, Kingdom, Rubicon, Fragments, Tempest, Standing, Honour, Dark Angel, Procession, Solitary, Forsaken, Circling Overhead, Dark Angel, Niosex, Afterparty (step aerobics)

Xymox, Clan of
Warsaw, 1988, no art, DAO, really bad -  keeps slowing and speeding and junping - pixelly and blue fog, C
A Million Things, Medusa, Michelle, Louise, Blind Hearts, 7th Time, Back Door, A Cry in the Wind, Muscovite Mosquito, Stranger, A Day, Agonised by Love (60:26)

Cameo Theatre, Miami, 20th July 1991, centre balcony, close-ups, abit shaky, quite good sound, DVD, B+
Back Door, Obsession, Mark the Days, Twisted, Phoenix of my Heart, Louise, Wonderland, Dancing Barefoot, Believe Me Sometimes, Written in the Stars, A Cry in the Wind, Stranger, <encore>, At the End of the Day, Michelle, <encore 2>, Smile Like Heaven, Craving (91:37)

Club Nébula,
Lima, Perú, 1st October 2003, no art,
There's No Tomorrow, Cold Damp Day, I Want You Now, Farewell, Craving, This World, Back Door, Michelle + Photo Session, Interview Canal N, Review Magaly TV

Teatro Ambassador, Lima, Perú, 4th October 2003, no art,
There's No Tomorrow, Cold Damp Day, Jasmine And Rose, It's Not Enough, A Day, Louise, I Want You Now, Innocent, Courageous, The Bitter Sweet, Craving, This World, Back Door, Michelle, Muscoviet Musquito, Stranger, Obsession, ???
Deichhal, Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, 29th January 2005, no art, DAO, clear picture and good sound, floor left then right, B+
No Tomorrow, Cold Dark Day, Jasmine and Rose, Into Extremes, A Day, Louise, I Want You Now, ?, ?, ?, ?, Michelle (74:11)

Video Show, Roxy, NY, 1st December 1983, (and Shriekback and The Art of Noise on same DVD), A
Live at the Roxy with other videos slotted in - Bostich, I Love You, The Evening's Young, Pinball Cha-Cha, Lost Again, The Race, Rubberbandman (43:33)