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Ten years ago we developed the first Fast speed Pulser. It ran at 10 pulses a second and was recommended By "Walter Last" as his favourite.
Again, another major breakthrough in Magnetic pulsers.

We can run our super reliable Magnetic pulser at 40 pulses a second for 180 MINUTES continuously at FULL SPEED on a single paddle.

This equates to 432,000 pulses in a single session.

Can be run CONTINUOUSLY at low speed all day without a second paddle.

These paddles have been designed to run for up to 3 hours at full speed.
No other paddle on the market can withstand this incredibly long session
These instruments are inspired by the work of Robert Beck (Bob Beck).

If you have any questions or queries about any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

- Anton Klemens
Colloidal Silver Generator
Fast Facts:
- Produce 3-5ppm in 1-3 minutes
(depends on water)
- Can run for 9V battery
(for camping use)
- Pure Silver Rods
(99.9% Pure)

Only $155
Includes Postage Australia-wide and 6mth warranty
The Super T Magnetic Pulser
Fast Facts:
- Increased max of 432,000 pulses per session
- Totally Solid State and Robust Design,
- High quality Capacitors
- 8x more powerful than others
- 11 milli henry coil rating
- Thermal protection not required

Only $479
Includes Postage Australia-wide and 3yr warranty
The Klemens Beck Zapper
Fast Facts:
- Made in Australia
- 99.9% Pure Silver Probes
- Can be used from battery
- Instructions included
- To Dr Beck's Specifications

Only $189
Includes Postage Australia-wide and 6mth warranty
3-in-1 Ultimate Package

Fast Facts:
- Package price of all three instruments

All for an amazing price of $675
Includes Postage Australia-wide

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