School Council Minutes & Principal's Report



Feb - Enrolment 524 boys 423 girls, 17 more than previous year.  Staff is 74 - 4 more than last year including teachers undergoing teacher training. Mrs P Hipworth appointed Acting Headmistress.

Apr - Guest speakers at Assembly included Ted Whitten and Sister Evans.

May - Early in the morning Sunday May 14th fire destroyed room 4 (General classroom), the Canteen and room 7 (Science room). It also badly damaged the Staff room, room 2 (General classroom) and room 6 (Chaplain's room).  These rooms later had to be removed.  The remainder of the wing received damage between the ceiling and the roof while their contents were affected by water and smoke.  The prompt action of the Fire Brigade prevented total destruction.  Mr Pittock & Mr Glen the caretaker were alerted and arrived early at the fire.  Two electric clocks stopped at 2.17 am.  The Police Arson Squad are investigating.

It was agreed that a letter be sent thanking three boys whose assistance was greatly appreciated following the fire, and that each be sent $3 to buy something they desire to have.

June - Miss P Dunstan announced her engagement.  A letter just received from Mr Harold Blair advises that he is prepared to accept Mr Pittock's offer to join the music staff of the school in July.  Form 1 boys and girls attended Orchestral Concerts in the Melbourne Town Hall.  Form 1 boys visited the Planetarium at the Melbourne Museum.

July - Mr G Shirreff will be Acting Head Master for remainder of Term 2 while Mr H Forster (Acting Head Master) is on Long Service Leave. Winter sports season girls Softball and Volleyball teams were zone premiers and the girls won the Volleyball Cup in Inter School Sports. Boys Baseball were zone premiers and won their quarter final against Fawkner.

33 Form 1 & 2 girls with Mrs Marshall and Miss Williamson are touring for 5 days in the Latrobe Valley and Sth Gippsland area.  Mr Kevin Peisley (a temporary teacher) is to be transferred to Swan Hill Technical School, leaving on the 4th August also that the school choir under the baton of Mr Blair sand last Monday morning at school assembly.

Aug - The Principal Mr C R Pittock has entered NSW on his return trip back to Melbourne.  Mr H Forster Acting Head Master sailed with his family on the "Orcades" on 16th August for the UK.  Mr D O'Brien received some first and second degree burns whilst preparing chemicals for a proposed demonstration during Education Week.  He expects to have about 2 weeks sick leave.

An article on the aboriginal singer H Blair appeared in the Melbourne Age of 3rd August, also shots of the choir on GTV9 on 6.30pm news.

Nov - We are very disturbed about staffing for 1968, particularly in the Humanities group of subjects.  Two Class 2 positions remain vacant because of lack of suitable applicants.  I have taken up the matter with the technical schools Staffing Officer.  He points out the difficulty of persuading teachers to apply for positions in the western suburbs. The Rev. Frank Stewart has been absent from duty for several weeks owing to a serious illness.


Feb - 75 teachers commenced the school year. Intake of 1st form students is down about 24 students on last year. Rev. Frank Stewart died on Dec 15th last year.

Mar - Head Master Mr Herbert and his wife began Long Service Leave with a trip overseas. Mr R Mather & Mr H Reidy were appointed to teach humanities subjects.  Mr J Brown left on 8th March.  Both boys and girls section held very successful swimming sports in the Sunshine Baths in recent weeks. The 1st school Social was successfully held on 21st March and plans have been made for 8 similar Socials culminating in the School Ball in December.

The Sunshine Technical School Choir under the baton of Mr Harold Blair and accompanied on the piano by Miss Amy Yu rendered items at the PSA Methodist Service last Sunday, broadcast over 3DB.  They were extremely well received.

Apr - Mr Graham Sherriff head of Maths and Science department has returned to duty after 6 weeks of illness.  Mrs P Judd, Needlecraft, left on confinement leave.

May - Mr Anthony Gartland has resigned to take up a position on the Commonwealth Service.  Mrs Kuen of the Commercial Staff was transferred to Brighton Technical School and replaced by Mrs M Blinco.  Miss Janis Griffin went to Malacca at the end of term 1 to be married to a serviceman, she is returning on June 3rd.

The Miss Sunshine Technical School Quest was attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Sunshine, almost $500 was raised. The 1st issue of the school newspaper "Strike Light" was published last month.  The second issue is due in June.  This paper will be entered in the Age School Newspaper Competition.  This publication expresses the thoughts of the students.

Jenny Triplett represented the school on 27th May in the JC Public Speaking Contest.  We are represented in the ANA General Knowledge Contest by Gloria Sinnamon.

June - Mrs Janis Volkov (Griffin) returned to duty on June 11th. Mr Wayne Darby (Maths and Science teacher) has resigned as from 12th July to take up a position in the Engineering Industry which offers a higher salary.  Mrs Jill Stone (PE teacher) is seeking confinement leave from the end of this term.

A visit was also made to Williamstown Naval Dockyard by 2nd form boys.  Mrs Blinco, a staff member, has commenced classes on Charm and Deportment.

July - Miss Lorraine Ogilvie and Mr John Exarhakos took up appointments for Maths.  Also Miss Hyacinth Smith in Home and General Science.

Aug - Miss M Mezaks, Art teacher, has resigned as from September 13th to spend all her time doing her own art work as a painter.  Miss B Chambers the nominated Special Class Head Mistress for 1969 and Mr R Mc Innes, Head Master nominee, visited the school last Thursday.

Mr J Lowry a Church of Christ Minister from NSW will be appointed as Chaplain in this school from the commencement of 1969.  The boys soccer team won the premiership beating Frankston Technical School 3 goals to 1. Mr Lizier trained the team.  STS has won the cup 4 times in 9 years.

An apprentice in Turning & Fitting and ex-student of the school, Wes O'Brien has been selected in the Australian team for the Olympic Games in Mexico as a wrestler.  Paul Szot and Bogdan Anolak are due to play in the Combined Technical School Soccer team against the High schools.  Paul Szot is playing in the Victorian under 16 Soccer team.  Girls STS defeated Swinburne 18-10 in the final Basketball game at Royal Park on August 1st and the Tennis team beat Sandringham also in the finals whilst in the Volleyball final, Prahran defeated Sunshine.

Sep - Mr Herbert returned to duty 9th September after 6 months long service leave.  Mr R Downes on leave is now in Qld and is not due back until Feb 1969.  The Cookery Recipe books produced by the girl's school from recipes provided by parents has been published and we are selling them for 30c a copy. Book lists for next year have been prepared and are in the hands of Mr Mott, Stationer and Bookseller.

Oct - Mr Phillip Dunstan commence duty as a teacher of Art subjects, he replaces Miss Mezaks. Miss English has been added to the Business Studies Department. Mr W Antonowicz was promoted to Class III Primary in another school and we requested that the Department allow him to retain his promotion and remain at this school next year to carry on his excellent work with weaker students.  The proposal has been agreed to. Form 2 boys showed coloured slides illustrating their recent trip to South Gippsland.

Nov - It was agreed to buy a new Roneo machine price $302.60, including allowance trade-in of old machine.  The last issue of the school magazine contained much constructive criticism and some anonymous items - it also contained very little encouraging thought.

Mr L Herbert leaves the school at the end of term to take up position of Acting Principal at Benalla Technical School and the Acting Headmistress (Mrs P Hipworth) to Fawkner Technical School. Teaching staff are 78 teachers and 5 teachers in training.  Enrolment in the secondary section of the school is 963 about the same as in 1968.  This is the absolute limit in numbers to be accommodated in  the classrooms available and some classes are being taught as double sections with two teachers in the same room together.

No 16 Leith Ave was demolished at the end of 1968 (purchased for the school) and 3 portables have been erected. (No14 was also purchased for the school). Rev John Lowrey has taken up duty as school Chaplain and he is living at Union Street.


Mar - Mrs Barbara Obermoeller has resigned for 18th April to live in Canberra. She has been teaching Mathematics to junior sections.  Three new appointments J T Powell, A J Vincent and W D Smith to the Fitting and Machinery Dept.  Miss J Baird who was in excess in the Commercial dept has been transferred to Preston East Technical School.

Early Friday 14th March thieves broke into the machine shop, obtained the oxy-acetylene outfit, broke through the Head Master's office and from there into the Main office where they used the outfit to break into the safe. They stole and estimated $393.57 in cash and did minor damage to locks etc.

Apr - Mr Ronald McInnes has been transferred from his Vice Principal's position at this school to that of Acting Principal at Williamstown Technical School, taking up the position on April 10th.  He has been nominated for a position as Principal of Altona North Technical School. Mr Graham Sherriff has taken over the role as Acting Vice Principal. Mr John Grainger has been appointed in charge of the Science and Mathematics Dept.

Thieves again broke into the Fitting and Machining Dept about 30th March and stole the portable oxy-acetylene equipments.  The equipment, less the torch was recovered by Police after it had been used to obtain entry to a safe in a factory.  Again, the same department was broken into over the Easter weekend and small tools etc to the value of $350 were stolen.

The school choir trained and conducted by Mr Blair with Miss Yu as pianist competed in the Dandenong Festival on Thursday evening, 17th April.  We obtained an Honourable Mention which is very satisfactory for our first appearance. The idea of a permanent school camp was put forward and thought an excellent idea.

May - Mr Waselaski has been appointed as a teacher of Science and Mathematics from June 2nd.  Miss M Hooper has resigned to take up an appointment in Canada and Mr P Beirne is leaving due to ill health. Polio immunisation. The Health Officer for Sunshine has given the first section of the program to students and the follow up is due soon.

June - The whole position of staffing is far from satisfactory. In a staff of 80 teachers 30 are temporary and most of these have no teacher training.  Dr Morsy a registered medical man from Cairo who is temporarily at this school is teaching Science subjects. Mr Elham also from Egypt a Pharmacist to teach Mathematics, Mr T Long an experience teacher from Tasmania to teach Mathematics and Science.

The head of Maths and Science Mr Grainger leaves on July 11th to take up a position in Canada. Propose Mr A Murphy's position to be raised to take charge of Maths and Science Departments.  Continuity in teaching in these departments has proved an almost insolvable problem. 

A roof is to be put over the girls toilets to prevent undesirables from entering over weekends.  Windows have been broken over the last three weekends and the girls toilets defaced. 

One of our 1st form students (Martin Walsh from 1F aged 13 ) was struck by a car in Hampshire Rd whilst going to sport (on 9th of June).  He died as a result of head injuries (on 11th of June).  The School Chaplain Mr J Lowrey officiated at the funeral. 

The second polio treatment will be completed with all students.  I have prepared a thumbnail history of Sunshine Technical School for publication with the histories of all other schools.  The Education Department is to publish the history of State Education in Victoria.

July - I have engaged Mr Bahur Said as a teacher of Mathematics. He is very qualified academically but has no teacher training.  Mr M Jansen Head of Humanities remains on sick leave. Early in the month more windows were broken and repaired.

Aug - Mr J Porter has replace Mr R Mather in Humanities subjects.  Mr M Todd of the Art staff has undergoing a major operation and is progressing quite satisfactorily.  Mrs J Cox of the Commercial Department is also to undergo surgical treatment and will in all probability be absent from teaching for the whole of the 3rd term.

Mr Les Herbert will return to this school as Vice Principal at the commencement of the 3rd term.  When I retire as Principal in October Mr L Herbert will take over as Acting Principal for the rest of 1969.

Sep - Mr Les Herbert has returned to the school and Mr G Sherriff will again be Acting Vice Principal.  The new Trade Block building is well under way.  Miss STS quest is organised for October 9th, the profits from which will be given to Social Services.

Vandals broke into the trade workshops block and while they did not steal anything of great value, they sprayed paint etc around the place. The School Choir took part in the South Street Competitions and although they did not gain a place, they put in a very good performance.

Oct - Mr C R Pittock Principal since 1st Jan 1960 retired on account of age (65 years) on 20th October 1969.  The school assembly lead by the two Head Prefects Rhonda Richards and Joe Astorina, the students put on a very fine musical programme.  The choir finalised the program by singing "Happy Birthday" and "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". The students gave Mr Pittock a fitting present.

The following teachers were promoted 

Mr L J Herbert - Principal - Batman Auto School

Mr A G Shirreff - Vice Principal (Boys) Corio Technical School

Mr R O Downes - Senior Teacher - Yallourn Technical School

Miss STS was Diane Pascoe 3B with Sharyn Mullavey 1C, Miss Junior STS. Just over $400 was raised.  At Combined Sports Sunshine performed reasonably well but gained no medals.  However Felicity Quick, Gaylene Shaw, Sandra Bennett and Angela Triemanis received place certificates. School Boy's Championships held at Olympic Park, John Stasiuk won a gold medal for the under 14 High Jump also 3 bronze medals, Eric Evans a silver medal for the Hop, Skip & Jump.

Nov - Mr M Caine a trained PE teacher has joined the staff. 30th October, the School Office was entered by the forcing of a window of the Principal's Office.

From this date on, School Minutes and Principal's Reports are not available.