Congress Of Dreams can provide you with an extensive range of print and PDF options for whatever project you are undertaking. Whatever the design, layout, graphic or typesetting requirements, we can provide you with professional and personal service that will match our services with your needs. We can arrange for large or small print runs or simply provide finished electronic copies for your print on demand or web-delivery services.

Print Elements:
Corporate identity
> Document standardisation
> Typesetting and desktop publishing
> Template design
> Cover & logo design
> Graphic design (including digital photography, image scanning & digital manipulation)
> Colour scheme selection
> Font library collections

Example Print Options:
Grant & Tender applications
> Reports & Manuals
> Journals & Conference Papers
> Newsletters
> Posters & Fliers
> Letterheads
> Brochures
> Business Cards

Check out some examples of our work in the portfolio section of this website.

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