WestLink M7 Shared Path

Welcome to my 'Rough Guide' to the WestLink M7 Shared Path. It's a fantastic facility, offering nearly 40 km of uninterrupted shared path alongside the M7 motorway in Western Sydney. The main purpose of these pages is as a resource for cyclists. I'm seeking to highlight some of the good things, some of the not-so-good, and provide more cycle-friendly info than has been provided thus far in the official glossy brochures.

  View looking East from the Sugarloaf Ridge Picnic Area, which is part of the Western Sydney Regional Park.

This picnic area is about 1.3 km east of the Saxony Rd access point to the M7 shared path (up a moderate hill) - Just near the towers on the top of the hill.

Facilities: Gas BBQs, picnic tables under roofs, drinking water (from rainwater tanks) and toilets. No rubbish bins.

>> Path Maps & Facilities:
The Westlink Cycleway & Walking Path brochure can be downloaded from the link above.
Unfortunately, it doesn't show where cyclist friendly facilities (Water, Toilet, Food, other cycle paths etc) can be found. To this end, I've started putting together a spreadsheet which references the above map, but also includes cycle-friendly facilities at the appropriate access points. In the future, I'd like to see this expanded into a proper map (maybe web-based, with printable enlargements for specific areas). I'd prefer if Westlink organised this. But, if they don't, would anybody with the necessary skills and time like to be involved?
Feel free to email me (address below) if there are other facilities that you know of that are not listed!

Last updated 20/08/06.

  The table to the right provides links to Sydway maps (from www.street-directory.com.au) for the length of the M7. Unfortunately, the maps don't have the actual shared path access points marked on them at present. There are two versions of each map presented:
  • The Dynamic version takes longer to download, but allows scrolling & zooming etc.
  • The Static version takes less time to donwload, but doesn't cater for any interaction.
Sydways Map
Major intersections
& road crossings
on the map :
Shared Path
Access Point numbers
(from Westlink's borchure -
see link above).
Kings Langley [Dynamic]
Old Windsor Rd
Norwest Blvd
Acaica Gardens [Dynamic]
Sunnyholt Rd 56-58
Quakers Hill [Dynamic]
Quakers Rd
Quakers Hill Parkway
Dean Park [Dynamic]
Richmond Rd 39-46
Rooty Hill [Dynamic]
Power St
Woodstock Ave
Eastern Ck [Dynamic]
Great Western Hwy
Lighthorse (M4) Interchange
Horsley Park [Dynamic]
Chandos Rd
The Horsley Drive
Western Sydney
Regional Park
Saxony Rd
Elizabeth Drive
Cecil Hills [Dynamic]
Elizabeth Drive
Hinchinbrook [Dynamic]
Cowpasture Rd
Hoxton Pk Rd
Bernera & Jedda Rds
Prestons [Dynamic]
M5 / Hume Fwy
Camden Valley Way
>> Issues:    
Although the M7 Shared Path is a fantastic facility, there have been a few concerns raised about some aspects or sections of the path. I've compiled a list of cautions & concerns from various cyclists that have used the path. Some of these issues may be able to be resolved; Others I think we will have to learn to live with. In some cases, I've given my (un-professional) proposed remedy.

Last Updated 30/04/06

  • Due to roadwork along Old Windsor Rd, there is presently no access to the shared path from Old Windsor Rd. One cyclist has suggested that for those wanting to access the M7 shared path from the M2 shoulder, it's probably best to keep riding along the shoulder as the M2 becomes the M7, and take the Sunnyholt Rd exit. The shared path can be accessed from here. Likewise, for those wanting to get onto the M2 shoulder from the M7 shared path, try exiting the shared path at Sunnyholt Rd, then entering onto the M7 roadway from there.
  • A map of the shared path under construction along Old Windsor Rd can be downloaded from here. As can be seen, there is a planned underpass under Old Windsor Rd, just near where the M7 path ends (Lalor Ck?). So, when complete, it should be possible to enter/exit the M7 shoulder (which leads onto the M2 shoulder) at Old Windsor Rd, ride under Old Windsor Rd, and join the M7 shared path. Alternatively, you should be able to ride into Parramatta along the shared path. I'm not sure when all of this is planned to be complete, but I'll try and find out and post here when I do.
  • A water bubbler has been installed about halfway along the shared path, at Access point 29 (On the northern side of the M7 Control centre - About 900 metres south of the M4. Great to see !!

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