Photograph of a painting of the ship Black Swan

Photograph of a painting of the ship Black Swan. Reed, C B (Mrs), fl 1960s? :Photographs of Wellington, George Cheese, and ships. Ref: PA2-2418. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

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The Black Swan.
The passengers by the Black Swan, over 100 in number, had an unusual and rather sensational experience on the passage from Plymouth to Otago in 1862. She was a full-rigged ship of 976 tons, commanded by Captain King. She left the Breakwater at Plymouth on February 17.
The most noticeable circumstance on the voyage was an earthquake, which was distinctly felt on board. The ship, on May 23, was shaken violently, and a peculiar sound was heard, as if she was grating over the bottom, tremor and sound being so marked as to alarm many of the passengers and to turn out the watch below. The vessel reached Port Chalmers on June 5th, 1862.
In command of Captain White, the Black Swan made another voyage to Port Chalmers in 1864. She sailed on the 22nd June, and arrived on October 10th, landing 70 passengers The Black Swan visited Wellington on one occasion only. She sailed from London on December 21st, 1865, in command of Captain White, and arrived on April 30th, 1866, making a long passage of 129 days. She met with strong contrary winds in the Channel, and encountered the storm in which the London foundered in the Bay of Biscay. Boats were carried away, the head of the mainmast was sprung, and many sails blown to shreds. During the storm the ship behaved admirably. For the last three weeks the passengers and crew were on reduced water allowance.
Black Swan
Ship: 700 tons
Captain: White
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 21 December 1865 - arrived Wellington 30th April 1866

Mentioned in the diary were Mr and Mrs Barber, Amelia , J O Batchelar.
 John Octavious Batchelar was 25
William Batchelar 38 and Amelia 31
Sarah Amelia Barber married William Batchelar So it could be assumed that Henry Barber and Sarah were the parents of Sarah.


Wellington Independent, Volume XXI, Issue 2360, 12 May 1866, Page 4


The ship Black Swan, from London, arrived in this harbor early yesterday morning, after a very boisterous and protracted passage from Gravesend, of 129 days. She brings out 86 passengers in all, and a large general cargo, and is consigned to Messrs. Johnston & Co. We are indebted to the courtesy of the captain - for the following account of the voyage :- The Black Swan left Gravesend on the 21st of December, and the Downs on the 23rd of the same month. In the Channel very strong contrary winds were experienced, and the Lizard was not left until the 3rd January. From leaving the land to Madeira a succession of very heavy gales impeded the progress of the vessel and caused much damage. It will be seen by reference to dates that the Black Swan encountered the full force of the storm in which the unfortunate ship London foundered. The captain informs us that' the force of the wind was terrific, and that there was a sea running such as he had never before met. The life-boat, suspended from davits on the port-quarter, was carried away, the davits were smashed, and ft portion of the starboard-topgallant-bulwark was stove in. The damage was not confined to the deck, the head of the mainmast was sprung, and some strong storm-sails blown to shreds. The ship, it is said, though deeply laden, behaved admirably, and the fact of living through the gale in which such a number of vessels were lost speaks well for her sea-going capabilities. The line was crossed on the 12th February-* 53 days from Gravesend. From the equator better weather was experienced, and the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was passed on the 7th March. For some days, after leaving the Cape, strong favorable winds were experienced, but on neariug the Coast of New Zealand the weather became variable. On the 24th inst. the Snares were passed, and on Sunday morning the Black Swan was abreast of Port; Cooper, from whence she soon ran Up with a south-easterly wind and anchord in this harbor The passage throughout was unpleasantly rough, and through .the length of time it occupied caused much inconvenience. For about three weeks or a month past all on board have been on short allowance of water, only three pints per diem being issued to each adult. Everyone on board is fortunately in good health, and the passengers speak highly of the kindness and courtesy of the captain of the vessel, and also that of Dr. Ashton, the medical officer in charge. During the voyage nothing was seen of the other ships from London now overdue to this port.

Passenger List.

George Hill, laborer,; Clara Hill, servant; Frank Pebody, cotton wrapper ; Thomas Lambert, carpenter; Sarah Vitver, needlewoman; Solomons Abraham, clerk; Walter West ; clerk; Owen Igor, gardener ; Anne Igor, housemaid ; Henry Barber, brushmaker; Sarah Barber, brushmaker ; Joshua Bobin, mechanic ; Eliza Bobin, Josh. J. Bobin, child, and one infant ; W. Bachelor, carpenter; Sarah A. Batchelor, and two children ; John Ferguson, farm laborer ; Jane C. Ferguson, five children and one infant ; Margaret Flynn (and five children), housokeeper ; Thomas Hall, laborer j Alexanpr Robert, ' cartwright ; William Swan, servant ; Ellen Gormley, Sarah Dunne, housekeeper ; Bessie Dunne, servant ; Ellen Dunne, assistant housekeeper ; Wm. Smith, shoemaker ; Robert Sweetapple, Harriet Sweetapplo, Henry Hicks, servant ; Annie Hicks, servant; Mat. M'Kinney, laborer ; Mary M'Kinney, one child and one infant ; Alex. Smith,, blacksmith ; Mar.y Smith, two children and one infant; Sarah Davis; John Batchelor, carpenter; Jane Flemming, servant; John McGregor, labourer; Mary McGregor, three children, one infant; James McDonald, tailor; Isabella McDonald, 4 children, 1 infant ; Agnes Lambert, servant ; Frank Wright, farmer ; Arthur Wright, farmer; John Green, carpenter; James Mumford, blacksmith ; Alexander Joss, plane-maker ; Alice Footo, servant ; Richard Sweetapple, labourer; Anne Sweetapple; Andrew Moylan/nurseryrnan ; Anne Moylan. Chief Cabin- Mr. F. Palmer, gent; Mrs. Lowe and infant ; Mrs. Godwin and 1 child. Summary of Passengers.
Total souls (passengers)- 86. +
                       Adults. Children. Infants..
 Chief Cabin           3               1             1
Steerage              52             23             6
Total                    56 (SIC)    24             7
The above listing is for 53 steerage passengers, the totals are correct at 56-24-7


The report below was written by William Batchelar who was the brother of Jane Peterson nee Batchelar my great grandmother
Copy of a typed version of original copy of handwritten diary.
William refers to himself as Bill.
The Adventures of W. & J.O.B. Batchelar to See the May Rise Tuesday

December 19th 1865. Sailed I mean was Tugg 'd to Gravesend. Made
The Acquaintance of Some of the Pafsengers & find that (SIC) are
As Jolly A lot of Cacks
As Sail 'd from the Docks
& Went to New Zealand
On the Black Swan

Divided ourselves into Mefses.

20th : had the Inspectors on Board Doctor & Captain & Owners. Mr
Marley & family obliged to Leave the Ship on Acct. of the Children
Having the Whooping Cough. Had an Impromptu Concert Concertina
& bagpipes. An Old Couple have Just Arrived from Dublin. I don't
Know how they will Manage they have neither Tinware Bed or Blanket
So as A Natural Consequence they Both Must Plank it.
21: Sailed from Gravesend About 7 AM & By dint of a Deal of Tacking
Arrived Opposite the Goodwin Sands. NE Wind Right in our teeth.
Had my first Lesson in Navigation. A Long ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Pull A strong pull and head over heels four of us went through the
Rope Slipping through the Block without giving Due Notice. Oblidged
(SIC) fo Anchor for the Night Amelia rather Sick. Several others
22nd: Amelia Better. Mrs Barber Rather queer. Got as far as the
Downs where the fleet lay moored & in Consequence of Adverse Winds
we were obliged to Anchor for the rest of the Day & Night. I forgot
to Say that I was made Captain (of the Mefs) the Second Day we
were On Board. John has been promote to A Captaincy in his Mefs.
I hope the Wind will Change so that we May get on our Voyage.
23rd: Wind a Little More in our favour & got as far as Dangeness
Light but very little wind that seems to be inclined to Blow
Us Back Again. Saw A Penguin for the first time in My Life.
24th: first Night we sailed & Slept Sailed about 100 Miles. Had
Church Services in the Morning on the Poop by the Captain & Doctor.
A Sunday School formed for the ----------------------------------
Children in the Afternoon. We have Several Scotch families on Board.
& one man in the Deck House Sang Some Hymns then Read A Chapter
From the Bible finishing with Prayer. I did not know of it till
Afterwards or I would have been there if Alive & well. I shall
Try & Join them next Sunday. I am sorry to say there is hardly
Any Wind. I hope it will freshen in the Night. Amelia is still
Suffering with head Ache. Bill has been sick but now is better.
25th: Christmas Day Well I Declare I never spent such a one in
The Whole Course of My Life; Amelia & Mother & Father Both the
Children Sea Sick. Mr Barber & Self ( ) like Bricks.
Jack has Succumb (SIC) to the effects of travelling in the watery
Element & looks Deuced fishy this Afternoon. Rude Bareas begins
To bluster & the Black Swan Cocks up her tail as if in defiance
& the result is that the Pafsengers get the worst of it. Bill Batchelar
Captain Casts up his Accounts.
26th: Pafsed an Awfull Night. Amelia & the Children Sea Sick your
Humble servant not much better but to wait on the Others. The
Wind & waves Still make a roit Like a Quid of Tobacco our
Swan Rolls About. I Should think without exaggeration on end of
entertainment the waves would wash right over the forecastle.
the sea has Calmed a bit and we are A little better we are now
Close to Weymouth & the Pilot has left us---------------------------
27th : We are getting over the Sicknefs. Amelia is not much better
& if we ever set foot on Shore she will not go to sea any more.
I forgot to say the doctor was So Awfully seasick that he Could
Not Attend on his Patients Yesterday So I Posted a note & Sealed
It in a Beer Bottle, Cast it into the Being Ocean requesting Another
Doctor per Telegraph. We are nearly out of the Channel. we
Pafsed the Lizard Light this afternoon but the wind is not exactly
In our favour Blowing from the S.S.W & in fear of a Storm this
Evening . Jack came to me As I was taking a little Perepetetic (SIC)
Exercise on the Deck & asked me to come with him. So I did & when
We reached the fore hatch at his desire. I looked down & saw a
Lot of Vapour and asked me what I thought of it. I returned the
Question for answer & he says fire but it was All bosh it didn't
Smell like fire, it was a Damp Musty Smell from Different Places
In the Hold.
28th: as we expected the fag end of the Storm over took us About
Midnight & the rest of the Night & all this day long has been nothing
But Rolling from Port to Starboard & Sea Sicknefs. All irr except
Mr Barber & John. I've been wet through--------------------------
twice today & Sick twice as many.
29: pafsed a Dreadfull night the sea Washing Completely over the
Decks. Plates Dishes Biscuits Butter Sugar Dancing the walz Cativa
Up & Down the pafsage & this afternoon the Being Element Marched
In our Cabins. I bailed out 7 Buckets of Water the wind is Still
against us & the Ship rolls fearfull. Jack is in a worst Mefs than
we are. The Sea is Calmed Down a little. The Sea made such a Breach
over us this afternoon that the Cabin boy was cast from one side
of the ship to the other like a Suttlecock & the steps that he
was standing on were Broken to peices (SIC)----------------
30th: Amelia & the Rest of us Sea Sick & likewise sick of the sea.
The Sailors Laugh at our feeble efforts to reach the Galley but
I Cant see Where the Laugh Comes in. this is to be a truthfull
(SIC) Acct, So out with it Bill, I've wished myself ashore a good
many times this past week. Just fancy walking the Deck when its
(SIC) at an Angle of about 60 Degrefs (SIC)---------------------

31st: Most every Body that knows me has heard me Sing About the
Dangers of A Voyage to Batersea (SIC) but this Beats that Hollow.
the wind was rather rough when we went to Bed (last) Night bit
About 12 o'clock it blew with fury & the Sea Sweeping over the
Deck was A Caution & about 2 o'clock a wave Came over the Bulwark
Smashing in the Cabin windows & filling the bottom part of our
Cabins with water. Behold Wm.B. in his Shirt up Ancles (SIC)
In water (the rest of the Pafsengers too ill to get out of Bed)
Baleing (SIC) the water out for About 2 Hours, the things that
Was on the floor all Soddn'd by the Sod Sea Wave. Not A wink of
Sleep did I get all that Blefsed Night. didn't we think of Chaplin
Green that's all, the wind still agaist (SIC) us- we have been
blown back to the Lizard Light which we pafsed 4 Days ago.
Monday January 1st 1866. A happy New Year to All & I hope we shall
Have more profperous winds than we have had, the wind Changed last
Night A little for the Better, we are now in the Chops of the Chanel)
(SIC) , you would be Astonished at the Amount of damage Done by

The Storm last Night, the bulwarks-------------
are broken in Several Places. they are of 2 ins, Battens & broke
Short off in one place Where the Stanchions are not more than 2ft 6
Apart. the pig pen was stove in and he Pigs didn't forget to holler
& the Bull to Bellow, the Captain's Gig was washed on to the poop
& the Bittacle (SIC) Lamp with all its fixings was torn up. The
 weather is better to Day & I hope it will Continue so, Amelia &
Mrs Barber & (SIC) Still Very Sick.
Teusdy (SIC) 2nd The weather Changed Again & we had A Another
Fearfull (SIC) Gale in the Afternoon & evening. I was going to
put a Bolt on the Cabin Door, outside, when a wave Broke over the
Vessel knocking me back into the pafsage & filling our Cabins with
Water, that was about 1/2  past 2 & it was so bad the Rest of the
Day that we Could not get to the Galley to take the water for Tea
So had to go without. but we managed to Beg A Cup or So from the
Cook but I Got wet through going for it & Began to think things
were looking queer. About 10 o'clock the Sea Calmed down a bit
So I went to Bed. Amelia & Mrs Barber still very ill not able to
get out of Bed.
Wed 3rd. Weather about the Same, wind still Against us, the Sea
A little Calmer. Last Night the womans (SIC) water closet was partly
blown away. Amelia & Mother Still Sick.
Th. 4th the wind Still S>W> but Changed about Dibber Time &
Is now More in our favour. I hope it will Continue So we have the
Lead & found that we (were)---------------------------------------.
77 fathoms frome (SIC) the Bottom which is A pretty Good Depth.
Amelia & Mother Still Sick.
Fr 5th the wind not quite up to the Bark but nearly, the Sun
Deiggned (SIC) to put in An appearance once More So we Made our
Observations. I don't know how the Officers got on (there was---
Near the Teney Acney Islands which Lie 75 Miles from Land 93 from
Water & 110 Miles from Anywhere Else. I went Down to Jack's Deinn (?)
to have a Grind at the Coffee & found Quite A Party. Jack & a
Gang Scot, A Harry Dei'l (SIC) , had invited three of the Single
Women to tea & After that A wee Drop of Gin & A Song while we played
on the Concertina & all as Harry as Grifs till eight bells when
of Course they selected (?) them Whoam (SIC). Amelia got up this
Morning but was so weak she fainted Away 3 times before we Could
get her in Bed Again. I hope she will soon get Better. I thought
I should have A Lazy Life on----------------------------
Board Ship but I am a Victim to misplaced Confidence. We (are)
All Divided into Mefses & mine is the Largest in the Ship. (men
Women & Children Equal to 9 1/2 Adults & I was Made Captain to Start
With for the first week) as they told me that we males would have
To get the Stores & take them to the Cook, clean our portion of
the premises & so forth. there is only 3 men in one Mefs and you
know what Mr Barber is & tother bloke has has been laid up ever since
it was his turn to come into office So Ive got All the honour and
All the Work.
S (at) 6th wind Dead Against us Blowing S.W. & we oblidged to sail
N.E & N & Still in the Chops of the Channel. Oblidged to take
In Sail, expect a Rough Night. I hope it will be Otherwise, Amelia
Still very ill. Mrs Barber not much Better.
Sun 7th as we expected we was (SIC) tofsed About A great deal last
Night & the wind Carried away our foresail. Wind very Changeable,
Been Steering S. West ll the Day but in the evening had to go on
The Old tack Steering N.E. which is going Back Again. We have been
on board now 20 days & made about 5 days Sail from the Downs ---
the weather being rough we had Service this Morning in the Single
woman's Cabin, A Very formal Affair. But in the Evening I got introduce
to the people in the Deck House where they have family service every
Sunday evening & I was much pleased with it. there is three Scotch
Families in that part of the Ship & two English, one f the Scotchmen
Read A Beautifully (SIC) Simple Prayer both for ourselves & those
We have left Behind & then we finished with another Hymn. 9PM the
Weather very Rough.
M(on) 8th: Another Tempesteous (SIC) Night, the Ship Rolling as
If she would turn over & it Blew so Hard about 5 o;clock in the
Morning that it blew the Life Boat Away. I hope it will not be picked
Up till I am able to send A letter to Father & Mother. the Doctor
Has just been in to enquire how Amelia is & he tells me that we
shall soon be in the Bay of Biscay & that we Are not more than 3
Days Sail from the Downs. Awful Slow work this -----
the weather still very Rough, Sailors Grumbling about it in terms
more Enthusiastic than Polite & say they never was in such an Old
Tub wish they had never seen her. Ditto W.B.
T(ues) 9th: a Rough Night & a worse Day, the water up to my Ancles
Baeing it out best part of the Day. In the Afternoon A Wave Came
Over the Saloon Smashing in the Windows & leaving the Gentry in
As bad a plight as the Democratic party. the Doctor took Pity on
us & issued out a Glafs of Brandy to every Pafsenger in the Ship.
 there is An Irishwoman with 5 Children the Youngest About 18 months
(SIC) old which were taken ill & they sent for the Doctor who told
her In A very plain way that she had nearly starved it to Death.
 & you should have heard the Howl they sett up. Lost the Remainder
Of the Privy & the main Mast split down the centre.
W(ED) 10th worse & worse, the water about 4in deep in our Cabin
& the sea making a Clean Sweep over the Decks, the Deck House stood
A Nasty Chance last night. the Door of the 3rd Mates Berth was smashed
& Ditto the Bulwarks & everything Soaked. the Captain & Mate were
nearly washed overboard & everythiing looks the worse for the Bad
Weather. We are Oblidged to put Back & Are Making for Plymouth----
it was an Awfull (SIC) sight to See the waves Tearing over the decks
& the poor Sailors up to their waists in it sometimes. One Wave
that Came while they were Altering the sails, they Oblidged
(SIC) to let go & every man hold on for his life. we expect Another
Rough night.

T(hurs) 11th well of all the nights that ever I pafsed last night
was the worst. We encountered A Perfect Hurrican, We Cannot Make
for Plymouth, the wind has Shifted Dead Against us & we Are oblidged
to keep our Course, they were Oblidged to take in All the Sails
except one & that took itself off. Making two we have lost. to give
you some idea of the force of the wind we could not hear Mrs Berber
speak though she was just under us & the force of it made our ears
quite sore. I don't think there was one person in the Ship but what
had Made up their Mind to go to the Bottom this morning. the Cheif
(SIC) Officer told us that it was as Bad A Night as ever he pafsed
through. they were Oblidged to have 4 Men at the Wheel. the Captain
took spell to keep her before the wind & he & one of the men was
dashed to----------the ground with such voilience
(SIC) that the Captain is Oblidged to keep his Bed. Jack has been
to see us this morning. he looks very sereious (SIC), if we had
made Plymouth you would have had him at Sandhurst in About no time.
We are still sailing S.W. but but the Mates think we shall have Another
dirty night. if we do the Lord have Mercy on us for I don ' t think
she will weather it. As the Mate says it was not knowledge or seaman
ship But Providence that saved us last Night.

Fr (iday) 12th the weather has been More settled to Day & we had
a better night & A good nights rest. Amelia got up After Breakfast
& stopped up tell Dusk. I hope she will soon get all right. the
Life Aboard ship don 't seem to Agree with any of the Pafsengers,
we are all getting Quite thin but the Mate says that now we have
got over the Sea Sicknefs we shall get fat Again.

S(aturday) 13th the wind Shifted Again this morning % we are going
now N. by W. I hope we shall soon get into the trade winds but the
elements don t seem to be inclined to favour us so we submit with
as humble a Spirit as we Can. Amelia is a little better but not
up to the Mark. had the Doctor to see us--------------------------
tried over some Chants Accompanied by J.B. on the Jelatan (SIC)
such to the Doctors delight.

Sun(day) 14th Wind still Dead Against & A very heavy Sea running.
We had Chanting & Singing at our Service this morning & for a first
Attempt it pafsed off very wellm Doctor down Again in the evening
& we tried over some Hymns & Chants.

M(onday) 15 wind More in our favour, Amelia & Mrs B out on Deck,
it is a beautfull Day Like Spring, the doctor has been down with
A Hymn Tune of his own Composing, & A nice light thing he introduced
to our notice Vis some of the Single women are as Lousy as
Cuckoos & He is Afraid we shall have them all over the Ship (well
its a Poor fellow that Can't afford to keep a few lice)

T(uesday) 16th Another fine Day, at Present its quite a sight to
see the Clothes Beds & Bedding hanging from every part of the ship ,
I hang mine higher up than anybody else, the Blefsed Lice shan't
drop on My Clothes if I can Help it---------------------------

W(ednesday) 17th the wind slackened last night & we are hardly
moving. I have not told you how we Are Provisioned. Thursday is
our Great Day, we Captains All Congregate round the Hatch, Accordingly
to the number of our Mefses & Receive our weekly Stores viz Coffee
(not Roasted) Tea Sugar Mustard Pepper (not ground) Butter Plums
Pickles Vinegar Preserved Potatoes Rice Flour Oatmeal Dried fish
Rice Suet Lime Juice Split Peas not forgetting Soup Bouill & Preserved
Beef. Teusdy (SIC) we are Served with Salt Beef for thursdy (SIC)
which we Soak all night & then it's like eating brine. on thursday
we are served with Pork for Friday & Saturday & every Morning About
Seven O Clock we have to go for our Water for the Day. We have been
 becalmed all Day.

 T(hursday) 18th A smartish Breeze this morning but not in the Right
Direction. we are steering S.E. Oblidged to tack About Dinner time
& Steer N x N.W. Wind Changed Again this evening. Lacked again &
now Steering S.S.W. Went down With the Doctor to the Single Mens
Apartment & Had some tunes Over, some of the Chaps began to Jeer
but the Doctor soon Settled them & things pafsed off All right.
Amelia is very Queer been in bed All Day Mr Barber Ditto----------

Fr(iday) 19th A beatifull Day, Wind N.W. Making no progrefs.
we are not more than 60 miles from the Coast of Spain.

S(aturday) 20th Wind still dead Against us & getting very Rough.
Oblidged to Shorten Sail. Wind Changed at Dinner time & we are
going Along in the right Direction. We are enabled to havee some
Soft Bread, thhe Ships Cook Makes & Bakes us a Loaf whenever we please
for the sum of 3d.

Sun(day) 21st, Wind changed Again to the old Quarter & we are going
N.West. Agnei Mare (?) and the Sea Very Rough. I don't know how I
shall get on if we ever get to Wllington (which seems Very Doubtfull)
I am that Awfull Lazy that I don't care to do Anything.

M(onday) 22nd Wind about the same, We have got A fresh pafsenger,
the young fellow Arrived at 1/2 past 7 this Morning so there is another
Parishioner (SIC) for Strepney.

T(uesday) 23rd Wind changed to the right Quarter at last but not
much of it, freshened after dinner & in the evening we Sail'd along
nicely. I only wish Amelia was Better, she is not able -------
to get up yet. though I think she is A little Better. I have been
helping the Carpenter to Day to help pafs the time & repaire a
Chair for the first Mate.

W (ednesday) 24th. Talk abot your talk about come & have twopenn---
fpr tuppence. We are getting on fine all the Sails set but one &
are going about 7 knots an hour. Amelia got up at Dinner time &
went on Deck stopping there till bed time 9 o'clpck. this Morning
we saw A number of Porpoises, they followed the Ship for a long
time & they are the Queerest things ever you saw. they are About
4ft Long & their is Shaped like A Bottle and as they Came up
Alongside the Ship they Leaped out of the water about 2ft so we
had A good view of them.

T(hursday) 25th: this Morning About 7 o'clock we sighted the Maderin
(SIC) Islands. the Weather is Beautifull and a nice Breeze. We are
now getting the Studding Sails set & going along About 7 knots an

Fr(iday) 26th: Another Change in the Wind, we are on the old track
N.W. Again, Rather Rainy & Slipping along About 9 knots an hour.
Oblidged to take in A great Many Sails---------------------

S(aturday) 27th. A beautifull Morning. the Ship was pt About this
Morning At eight Bells & we re now steering S.S.West. the sea
is very rough & I think we shall have A Rough night.

Sun(day) 28th: had a very Rough (SIC) Night But A Worse Morning.
Wind Veer'd round and we are going N.W. by N. the wind is blowing
very Strong Split two More of our Sails to Peices the sea
Making A Clean Breach right over the Ship. hard at it Baling out
the water, nice Job for Sunday. No Service to Day on Account of
the Weather. Bout Ship Again Steering South by East. Sea A little
Calmer . Went to the Deck House & heard A Very good Sermon Read by
one of the Single Men

M(onday) 29th A nice Clear Morning but the wind Still Against
us, one of the Cooks laid up with a Bad hand oblidged to have one
of the Sailors in the Galley, the Sailors say they never expereinced
Such rough weather in All their lives as we have encountered,
--------------------------- Latitude.

T(uesday) 30th: A beautifull Day but no wind. the sea like Glafs.
Amelia up & about on Deck. its as hot as June. full moon toNight
& I never saw such A Lovely Night in My Life, its as light as Midday
& I am learning Whist on the Deck by Moonlight---------
W(ednesday) 31st: Another lovely day so hot that the Captain has
got the Awning up over the Poop for the Swells while we poor Sinners
are left to the tender Mercies of the burning luminary. thats the
 Style I believe, the wind is favourable & not much of it.
T(hursday) Feb 1st: if we had a Rough start we seem to now have
got into 4 Latitude that will Make up for all the Disagreeables
we have experienced, the Weather is lovely both Night and Day.
we pafsed the Canary Islands yesterday but did not see them. the
wind is right for us now & we are going on slick at the Rate of
8 knots an Hour. I went up with the Apprentice to help Heave the
log, its a Peice (SIC) of board this Shape. A line pafses through
the hole in the top & its Divided in parts the same as we Make a
scale for drawing & then they have a Sand Glafs which runs out in
14 seconds & when the Last Sand is out they Haul in the Line and
Ascertain the pace we are going.

Fr(iday) 2nd: We are now in the Tropic of Cancer, the weather is
beautifull & boring. I have A bad foot through my boot Chafing it
should be Allright. Amelia is a great deal better--------------

Saturday 3rd Another fine Day & still going Ahead. we Sailed 110
Miles the last 24 hours, one of the Single Men took a Plate with
Some Meat in to the Cook for to fry. the Cook put it in the Oven
& when he went to take it out by the hokey pokey the the plate had Melted.
it was made of Pewter.

Sunday 4th: the weather being fine we had service on the Poop the
second time since we have been out. We have seen a great number
of flying fish today we are near the Verd (SIC) Islands & we have
sailed 1400 miles in the last 24 hours.

M(onday 5th: saw A great number of flying fish & the wing of one
that had been Dried. the Weather is very hot, we (the Pafsengers)
wajk about with bare feet & when the Sea breaks over its nice and
cool for the feet. Amelia & Me washed some Shirts & Socks today
& then I have to mount the rigging to hang them out.

T(uesday) 6th: Plenty of flyig fish & we saw A Shark this morning.
one of the Pafsengers Caught a Portuguese Man of War Such a queer-
looking thing, if I can get one I will Try & keep it.

W(ednesday) 7th: weather About the same, saw the fins & tail of
A Shark. its so hot that I've left off my flannell (SIC)------

T(hursday) 8th : A fine Morning. About Noon the Sky became overcast
& the Mate Predicted Rain & About 4 o'clock Down it Came * A Change
of Wind. it Blew Dead against us, did all in the twinkling of a
Bedpost. A very Calm Night.

Fr(iday) 9th : the wind freshened up early in the Morning but very
hot. A regular Washing & Drying Day. Clothes of All sorts & sizes
hanging All over the Ship. we saw some of the most Beautiful fish
this Morning that ever two eyes were Clap'd on. the Sailors Call
them Skip Jacks. rather rainy in the evening.
S(aturday) 10th One of the Sailors Called the Sibgle Women About
4 AM to have a Bathbut I got up & that frightened them so as the
Coast was All Xlear Amelia had one instead. plenty of excitement>
we say a Shark, A small one, and if the Doctor had not been so fast
in trying to strike him before he had swallowed the Bait we should
have Caught him, we re getting close to the Line but not going
very fast.

Sun(day) 11th: A Beautifull day but very hot Amelia & 4 of the Single
Women bathed this Morning at 2 o'clock & then your humble Servant
turn in. it is delightfill walking the decks Without Shoes in
no treat in this Climate. My feet are quite raw with the Sun.

M (onday) 12th: We Crofsed the Line About 12 o'clock last night and
have got a nice Breeze to Cary (SIC) us onward so that the letter
that I wrote in expectation of sending home by ===========
some Ship that we might drift near as we lay becalmed is of no use.
Neptune did not pay us a visit this time in Consequence of the Captain
having Made a Vow the last time he Crosfed the Line that he would
not Allow him to Shave Any More of his Men as after this event they
got drunk & fought making things in general very unpleasant but
the Sailor had a half holiday and A(fter) Dinner [afsed round the
Cap & got About two pounds which they spent in Beer. had a little
Jumping Singing & ------ which wound up the Day. Amelia is queer
Again today, Oblidgded to go to Bed.

T(uesday) 13th: Beautifull Weather but very hot, Amelia still very
ill. we were put on an Allowance of Buiscuit (SIC) today for the
first time & the reason is this, one of the Scotchmen in th Deck
house was not satisfied with helping himself out of our Barrell
but he must Go & Beg some off the Sailors & the Storekeeper met
him Coming back with them. they had a few words and at last he demanded
his Allowance so through that greedy fool the Adults now get 2 Buiscuits
per Day & the Children I that won't lay heavy on their

We (dnesday) 14th: very hot agin Amelia is not able to Leave her Bed
& the Medicine Chest nearly empty. I don't know what we shall do
if she does not soon get better. We have sailed 450 Miles Since
Crofsing the line--------------------------------

T(hursday) 15th: Beautiful weather but Amelia is still very ill.
Friday 16th: we are now under the Sun & if you will believe me it
is rayther (SIC) warm, I don't care how soon it gets Cooler. Amelia
got up for A little while today but she was taken so bad we were
Oblidged to send for the Doctor who ordered Port Wine & good living
Which is A very scarce thing on Board the Black Swan.

Saturday 17 (th) : Amekia Still in Bed & Almost Dead with the heat.
there is hardly any wind, the Captain sent Amelia Some Chicken soup
which she eat (SIC) with great relish, everybody on board burnt
up with the heat, most of the single Men & Sailors Lie on the Deck
all night.

Sunday 18th Amelia A Little better but not Able to get up. the
heat is up to boiling pitch. if you walk on the Deck without your
Shoes while the Sun Shines you will soon be glad to find out the
Shade. Halk what was that. List to the shout. A Shark, bring up
the hook& 4 pounds of Pork. Away we rush to the Stern & sure enough
the Monster is swimming round the stern of the Ship, the Bait is
thrown over & he rushes at it in expectation of a good Meal but the
Doctor has the line & Just as he turns over to take ----------------
the temptiing morsel he pulls it from his very Jaws. which frightens
the Shark who Swims Away. the Doctor throws out the Bait Again,
the Shark Can't resist the temptation, has Another try this time
with better luck the the Doctor letting him run Away with more than
half the Pork. the Boatswain now takes the hook with the remnant
of the Pork, throws it out, Mr Jack Shark rushes at it, turns on
his side, attemps to Swallow (SIC) it (But its an Old hand that
holds the line now). he shuts his Jaws on the Pork but we can't
lose the hook, we pull, the Shark has the pork & the hook has the
shark. haul him in. Cast a line round his tail. Drown him cries
the Skipper. Stand Aside says the Bo'sun & he stood on the tafrail
(SIC) & pulled up the prize landing him in the wheelhouse but don't
think the Shark was Idle. directly he was nailed he began to Dance
& ome of the Steps he preformed would Astonish Mr Crabtree. he
sprung first to one side of the Poop then the other. it was a
Jolly lark to see the Crew & pafsengers Jumping About knocking one
another down to get out of his way. at last we got him Down in yhe
Main Deck, Cut off his head, then his tail, then rip't him open,
took out the pork, took out his Back Bone============
& he never ceased Struggling all this time, he was not Actually
dead till he was cut in Peices (SIC) and Cooked, yes Cooked. I tasted
a small peice that was prepared for the Captain & it tastes like
A very large Coarse Dutch Plaice. I have A Peice of his Skin which
is Better than any Glafs Paper & as thick as the Sole of A Boot.
Monday 19th: two Months to Day have we been Aboard ( & I am pretty
near as thin as air). Amelia is a little better but Can't sit up.
we Cooked some of the Shark for Breakfast this morning but by the
hokey Pokey I could not relish it, they tell me its like a Maid.
I don;t know how they taste, I've seen them in Golden Lane sold
at fourpence each, but I never tackled, U kept thinking of his diet,
and the Idea of eating a Sailor's Coffin made me turn it op.

T(uesday) 20th: Amelia about the same, weather very hot. Saw Hundreds
of Porpoises & Grampuses this evening.

W (ednesday) 21: things About the same as weterday. Amelia not quite
so well tonight.

T(hursday( 22nd: The Weather is so Awful Hot that watr is at A
Premium. 3 quarts Per Diem Don't go far & So some of the Sailors
got into the Galley last Night & disregarding the rights of Property
Nailed some------------------------------------------- of our Breakfast Water.
so we are Oblidged to look out Rayther (SIC) Sharp. Amelia is About
the Same as Yesterday. Caught 3 Boabies, they are like Crows with

F(riday) 23rd; Amelia's Birthday & though 35 Summers have pafsed
over her head her strength is so small she still keeps her bed.
Still she is A little better. I am happy to say that we are All
not so Lousy as we were, but they are bigger & there's more of them.

S(aturday) 24 th: Amelia is About the Same. the weather is very hot
& we are lying Almost still, we are in the Latitude of the River
Plate but whether (SIC) its Silver or Crockery ware we are not Close
enough to determine. the wind go up A Bit About Teatime & we are
Going Along Stunning (?).
Sunday 25th: Amelia is not quite so well today. the Wind Changed
rather Suddenly last Night, A regular Squall with rain & we lost
one of our Stunsail Booms & A Little While After the Outer Jib was
split in half & All these casualties occurred in the Starboard Watch.

M(onday) 26th: Amelia About the Same, the Weather Dull & Squally,
I suppose we Shall not get any finer ------------------------------------
weather till we get to the end of our Journey.

T(uesday) 27th: Amelia a little Better, if it were not for the kind
help of the Captain & Doctor She would be Starved as she Cannot
eat the Ship's Allowance. so her Dinner has been sent from the Cabin
Table for the last week. the wind is dead against us.

W(ednesday) 28th: the last Day of February & we are not past the
Cape yet & Don't know when we shall for we are going so much to
the west.

March 1st: Amelia is a little better, weather About the same. Saw
a good many Porpoises. the Sailors tried to Harpoon one but failed
& the rest Joined the names sher Wack (SIC)>

Friday 2nd: Amelia Better & the wind More in our favour. We are
going at a rate of 10 Knots.

S (aturday) 3rd: Still going All right. But the wind is increasing.
Oblidged to take in some of the Sails & thhe Rain is Coming Down
in Buckets (SIC) full. We Are in the Latitude of the Cape. Amelia
is Better.

SUNDAY 4TH: had a dirty night last night. had to get up to shut
the door About 2 o'clock As Amelia thought the sea was Coming in
but the door being fastened by a Peice of Rope before I could get
it undone =================A wave Come (SIC) over & half
drowned me. no more going out without my inexprefsibles. the wind
has died . Away Again & we are going very slow. We have 4 Albatrefs's
flying Round the Vessel & the Captain is Amusing himself by Shooting
at them.

M(onday( 5th: A Dead Calm part of the Day & going 1 Knot an hour.
the rest, Amelia Better.

T(uesday) 6th: the wind freshened up this Morning & we are going
Along tidy. the Meat which we have is so impregnated with Salt that
thw Captain had a Large net Made to put Some in & hangs it over
the Stern of the Vessel while we were Becalmed. Last night
A Shark Came & helped himself to About half of it & A Large Peice
of the net so they Baited the Hook. he swallowed the Bait & decamped
with the Hook so there is no More Shark Catching for us. Amelia
Being so much Better the Captain gave some tablecloths to hem
& when she took them Back he gave her A bottle of Wine * some More

W(ednesday) 7th: Things About the same as yesterday.
T(hursday) 8th: Saw the Island of Tristan D Achuna (SIC) About
5 o;clock this Morning the Wind was Blowing very Stiff but we were
so Close that when we got to the -----------------------------
Lee side of it we were becalmed & lay so for About an hour. it is
an uninhabited Island rising 8/900 ft Above the Sea one of the group
of 3 the Others are Inaccefsible & the Nightingale Islands. Amelia
is All right Again & Mrs Barber is on her Beam ends.
F(riday) 9th: the weather is Beautifull the Sailors Declare they
never had such weather in these Latitudes. Mrs Barber Better.

S(aturday) 10th: Weather the Same. Pasfed Goughs Island & live in
hopes of Pafsing the Cape someday.

Sun(day) 11th: Crofsed from the West to East Longitude today. We are
now nearly a 1000 miles from the Cape & been out not Quite 12 weeks.

M(onday) 12th A Beautifull Morning but the Weather Changed About
11 AM & its Raining very nicely & the Wind Blowing Rather Stiff.
going 9 knots.

T (uesday) 13th: Been going fine all night but the vessel rocks
very much. the wind is very Strong from the S.W. going 11 Knots.
Amelia Oblidged to go to Bed, the Motion of the Vessel makes her
feel sick. Made 246 Miles yesterday.

W(ednesday) 14th: A very Rough night. Amelia sick Again this Morning
talk about a ough Sea, the Ship rolls Awfull & ships plenty of
water but there is no Danger.
T(hursday) 15th: Calmer toDay. Saw some Very Large fish which
the Sailors Call the Black fish but the Latin is Jangafawacalus
of -------------------------------------- Double finn'd Grampus, A very
large fish. Sighted A Ship this Morning. we Could just see the top
of her Rigging & before 2 o'clock we had Pafsed her. She was A F..
Barque from Gibraltar to Colombo.

16th A more settled, going very nicely About 9 Knots.

17th: St Patrick's Day. in the morning, Wind dead against us Obl
to Steer S.West. I hope it will soon Change.

Sun(day) 18th: Wind A little More in our favour but very rough,
So there was no service to day.

M(onday) 19th: things About the same as yesterday. we are now 43
Degrees South Latitude & 27 East Longitude & Been out 3 months.

W(ednesday) 21st Fair wind but not Much of it. Amelia Very Queer.

T(hursday) 22nd: Wind very slight, nasty Drisly (SIC) rain.

F(riday) 23rd : About the same as yesterday. Mrs Barber laid up with
A Bad Cold.

S(aturday) 24th : Mrs Barber a Little Better, very fogg & raining
wind changeable & light. Weather Very Cold.

M(onday) 25th: Bright but very cold, no wind, A very still sea
The mate has noticed several of the Sailors Drunk------------------------------
lately ^ Couldn't find out how they got the Liquor, so this Morning
they examined the Cargo & found that by some Means they get into
the hold & have helped themselves to some Spiritsm Cutt (SIC) open
A Bale of Blankets & took some of them out so the Carpenter has
put A Bar Acrofs the hatch & An extra Lock so they will have A little
More trouble. Mr B Turned Captain So I must Retract.

T(uesday) 26th (SIC) About the Same as Yesterday.
W(ednesday) 27: the Wind freshened in the night & we are going
quicker. I hope we shall soon see land. the Captain Called us up
on the Poop this Afternoon & told us that in Consequence of our
being so long on (our journey) he should be Oblidged to shorten
the supply of Water, so we are to have 5 Pints per Head (& Body)
instead of 6, Sailors the same. I don't know how we shall do with
it. some of them Can't do now for to day some Vagabond put Salt
water on the Boiler instead of fresh & some of us had to go with
Dry Mouldy Buiscuit (SIC) for we are out of Butter Sugar & Treacle.
Thank goodnefs we shan't be troubled with the Bile (?Bill?)
T(hursday) 28th: fair wind & plenty of it but being right Abaft
the Vessel rolls fearfully & When she rolls we Are not Able to have
the table down, but hang to pots on the side of our Bunk, hold
on with one hand & feed with the Other.

F(riday) 29th: wind & water Salt without stint---------------------

S(aturday) 30th: About the same as Yesterday but rather Colder.

Sun(day)April 1st (SIC) : Wind Changed last night so we Are going
E X N. New Zeakand will not be reached under a month at this rate
of going on. Some of the Pafsengers Caught Some Cape Pidgeons &
Skinned them, the Skin off the Back makes A good feather for A Hat.

M(onday) 2nd : wind slacken'd last night & we are hardly moving.
very cold.

T(uesday) 3rd: plenty of wind & ditto Water. we Are going Along

W(ednesday) 4th: Awfull rough today. every time I go out I get wet
the sea is washing over the Decks Anyhow, we have only three sails
up & they are Reef'd. We had the foresail & the Main Topsail split
with the Squall this Morning.

T(hursday) 5th: Still very rough and the Sea rushes over the Deck
Just About fast & its very Cold.

F(riday) 6th: About the Same as yesterday. Mrs Barber had A fall
Yester(day). She was Washing out A towell (SIC) when the Ship Lurch'd
& she fell Back into the Cabin Striking her head Against the Bunk
& depositing the water on the top of her. Well she righted herself
when there was Another Lurch & she emigrted head first into the

Sat(urday) 7th: Weather very rough & Squally. had a Snow storm
this Morning & Some of the Seas (SIC) that Came over the Ship Are
enough to Sink her.

Sunday 8th: Another Rough Day as Bad As we had in the Channell.
All in Bed but myself....................................

M(onday ) 9th: its been blowing A Gale. All night & Day our Beds
are wet with the sea, it Comes in through every Joint in the Side
of the Ship. one of the Sailors was walking on the Deck & fell on
the Corner of the fore Hatch with such force that he smashed the
Bones on his nose & the Doctor has got to put it in Splints. Almost
all rhe Pafsangers in Bed & the water washing in & out of the Cabins
to perfection. its as Bad a Day as any we have had. Last (Word omitted)
the upper fore Topsail & fore Top Gallant Staysail Carpenter's Bench
(Verbatim - meaning obscure).

T(uesday) 19th Mrs Barber laid up with A Cold & Mother Ditto. Weather
a little better, I hope it will Continue so.

W(ednesday) 11th: A fine day but plenty of water on the Decks. Amelia
is doing some works for the Captain & He sent down A Tin of Roast
Mutton & Bottle of Rasberries & Currants (SIC) & a Tin of Pickled
Salmon & Jack had the Pigs Cheek Cook'd so we had a Glorious feed.

T(hursday( 12th: Mother & father still very queer, weather About
the same as yesterday.

F)riday) 13th : we Are getting Along A Bit now, we are in :atitude
49 & Longitude 120 East & if the wind is favourable we shall reach
New Zealand in About A fortnight. the Doctor came while we were
at dinner & Ask'd if any of us would like to see an Iceberg. All
the Convalescent were out in a Jiffy & from the Top Gallant forecastle
we Could see A white Cloud in the distance but when we come (SIC)
Alongside of it it was A grant sight, it was About 800 fe Long &
there were two Pinacles (SIC) About 100 ft High & as the sea Broke
Against it and dash'd high into the Air the Sight was imposing.
Another iceberg Ahead, the Ships Course is Changed.......................
& we are running A little to the North. saw two more Icebergs in
the distance I hope that is the last of them for its precious cold.

S(aturday) 14th: Very Rough Again today but going along fine, we
ran 2643 miles the last 24 hours. Mr & Mrs Barber still very Queer.
Amelia not very bright. All in Bed but Me & Bill.

S(unday) 15th: A fine Morning but A Very heavy Sea nearly all in

M(onday) 16th: we know now what it is when they say the sea was
Mountains Rolling. the sea is so rough that when we loook out of
the window we Can't see the tops of the waves. we had an Awfull
night rolling About fearfull & the sea breaking over & flooding

T(uesday) t17th: As Bad as ever. I;m oblidged to go About without
shoes & Stockings. the water is generally About 6 in deep on the
decks, But I get the Sailors to go to the Galley for me as often
as pofsible we had a Sea Come On Board this morning. that filled
All our Berths aft About A foot Deep. it washed one of the Sailors
from the end of the Deck House Midships right on to the pigstye
in front of the forecastle Smashed in the Door of the 3rd Mates
Berth filling his pen & washing All his Clothes, Carried a Cask
of fat from the Galley Door, Lifted the Hatch off the Single Mens
place & Deposited said Cask Close to the Hospital Door & the water
was right up to the Bottom of the Lower Bunk....................................
wind is Changed a little & there is not so much Water on the decks/
One of the Single Men fell with his Arm on a Glafs Bottle & Cut
it very Much.

W(ednesday) 18th: A very fine day, not a drop of water on the Decks
and going along fine. if it keeps as it is we shall be in Wellington
in About a Week.

T(hursday) 19th: four Months this blefsed day have been on Board.
its a precious Long time to be packed in A Box. sighted a Ship this
Morning right Aft. at night the Captain blue fire lit to enable
them to see us as we have not a lamp but what is Smashed. Amelia
Made me a Scotch Cap.

F(riday) 20th : A nice day but no Wind & we are rolling About Anyhow.
the Pafsengers & Sailors have taken quite a fancy to my Cap & Amelia
had Got to make Several. Mr Barber is still very Queer, the Vessel
that we sighted yesterday came up with us to day. she is the George
Washington from St Georges Sound with Ballast Bound for Callao for

Sat (urday) 21st: Weather Aabout the Same & its A good Job its fine
for several of the Sailors are on the Sick List. first there is
the man that had his nose smashed, the German A Bad Foot, the Dutchman
A Bad Chin, the Butcher a bad Leg, the Cabin Boy Bad Hand, the 3rd
Mate Bad feet & an Old Sailor with the rumthicks (SIC).

Sunday 22nd: had Service this Morning, the Doctor hopes it is for
the last time but with the winds we have had these last few days
it will be A Month before we get there............................

23rd Monday: A beautifull Morning, Hardly any wind, I'Suppose we
are getting near land As the Anchor Chains are being got up & they
keep A Sharp look out.

24th Tuesday: One of the Single men Declared he would not go to
Bed till he had seen land so he has been up All night. the weather
is very thick & Hazy, everybody on the lookout. While we were at
Breakfast the Doctor Saw the Snares, A Group of Rocks, the Highest
rising 476 ft. Above the sea we Are going on fine now making About
9 1/2 knots, Jacks Birthday.

Wednesday 25th Sighted land again this morning but the Wind is
right ahead. I suppose we shall get to the end of our Voyage shortly
as they have Only served out Provisions for 4 days. Wind fair but

F(riday) 27th: been Hardly moving all night & qht little irony.
water Getting very Short, Another Pint per head taken off this Morning
& there is only enough for twice more. So if we don;t Make Wellington
before Monday I'm hang'd if we don't have Beer. Sighted A Schooner
Making for land but not Close enough to Signal.

S(aturday) 28th : I've been very Queer these last 4 days with
in the air but am getting all right again. the wind is dead Against
us & we have some Awfull Squalls, there is no Making way Anyhow,
We had our Main upper Topsail Split & on of the Jibs. it being
a fine Morning Bill went fishing for Birds & caught a Cape Pidgeon
& gave it to me to kill but not being well I ask'd the Mate & he
let it go. one of the pafsangers Caught an Albatrofs it Measured
10ft Acrofs the wings. Water being so Short & winds so Contrary
we are Making for Canterbury................................

Sun(day) 29th: we have hardly Moved All night in hopes of Making
Canterbury early in the Morning but the Fates decided otherwise
& the wind blew dead Against us & we Are Oblidger to steer on for
Wellington. we Are in Sight of land & A rough Mountainous place
it is. the Mountains Are a Tremendous Height & Covered with Scrub.
brought our Allowance of Water down to 3 Pints & if we don't Make
A Port today Why I hope we Shall tomorrow. A Beautifull Wind, we
are making 11 Knots p(e)r Hour. we shall reach Wellington withthis
wind tonight. Sighted the Harbour Light at 1/2 to 10. Could'nt (SIC)
Sleep so we got up about 12, we had Just Signal'd for a Pilot but
Receiving no reply entered in. when a white light was Shown in
the centre of the Harbour, after going a Short distance under reef'd
topsails the light was Changed to red so we steer'd to the West
& then sighted the town. got into soundings About 5 fathoms & then
drop'd Anchor at 10 Minutes past 2 Monday Morning.