poisonous2pets: Plants poisonous to dogs and cats

poisonous2pets provides information and photographs in an easy to look up and well designed format. The book outlines potential toxicity to pets by categorising the plants into four levels with each toxic level identified by colours found on the edge of each page.

The information on each plant is divided into specific sub-categories including:

  • botanical name
  • common names
  • signs of toxicity in the animal
  • first point of call for treatment
  • scientific plant family
  • brief description of the plant
  • geographic location (international)
  • plant habitat (i.e. commonly seen in)
  • toxic parts
  • how poisoning occurs
  • toxic principles

Nicole’s librarian skills have formatted immense information into a long needed guide, in fact text, which is eminently readable, current, succinct and systematically presented.

Dr Terry King BVSc MACVSc