MULLER Peter Neil 

Born Adelaide, South Australia

3 July 1927          Video clip








 Married :
   Rosemary Patrick 1953 (div, 1964 died 1976);
                their children: Peter, Suzy, & James who died 1976)
   Carole Mason in 1964 (div,1991).
   Helen Hayes in 1998 (died of cancer 4 November 2001)






For details of addresses (including photographs) see Residential and Studio Addresses in Retrospective .      
Appointed Director, National Capital Development Commission, Canberra, A.C.T.(1975-77) specifically to set up the international competition design criteria for the New & Permanent Houses of Parliament.  To review a full copy of the Canberra Science Academy 1976 lecture
The Esoteric Nature of Griffin's Design for Canberra click on this link Lecture and select full screen viewing. A copy of this book can also be purchased on-line via this link.

Peter Muller preferred to live in rural rather than city locations and spent 40 years of his 55 years in private practice living and working in a country environment. (N.S.W., France and South Australia).  From 1964-85 he ran his practice from "Glenrock", Marulan, N.S.W. together with a successful grazing enterprise on 800 hectares.

The first overseas commissions came from Tahiti (1969-70) and Bali with the completion of Kayu Aya hotel (known as The Bali Oberoi since 1977).
In 1977 there was a sudden influx of new overseas commissions from the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Tahiti, Bali, Fiji, Malaysia, India, Egypt and the Maldives, due mostly to the influence of the Kayu Aya hotel.
Amandari (1989), the Oberoi Bali (1974) and the Oberoi Lombok (1998) hotels in Indonesia, have received world-wide acclaim.  For detailed listing of awards for each of these hotels click on the above links.
Overseas projects in total were in Tahiti (6), Fiji (1), Indonesia (5), Malaysia (1), Philippines (1), China (2), Sri Lanka (1), Egypt (2), Saudi Arabia (1), India (Goa & Kerala), Texas (1), Vanuatu (1), Holland (1) and Fiesole, Italy(1).  Click on 
world map to view project locations.       

St. Peter's School Collegiate, Adelaide




University of Adelaide




S. A. School of Mines & Industries, Adelaide




University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia




S.A. Architectural Travelling Scholarship




Fulbright Travelling Scholarship




University of Pennsylvania Tuition Scholarship




The Office of Peter Muller:    

Sydney & "Glenrock" Marulan, N.S.W.

1952 - 1988

Peter Muller International:  

London, France and "Kookynie" Clare, S.A.

1978 - 2007