One is influenced during a lifetime by all kinds of experiences.
Important influences I admit too are roughly in the order of happening, not necessarily in order of importance:  Adrian Snodgrass (1952), Frank Lloyd Wright (1952) & Albert Read (1954) (see footnotes), traditional Japanese architecture (1961 & 1963 visits) and J.S. Bach (since 1948), and since 1954, the  writings of Rene Guenon and Ananda K.Coomaraswamy who opened up a more traditional way of understanding.
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Dr. Adrian Snodgrass:  I met Adrian in Sydney in 1952 when he was an architectural student and we became lifelong friends. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a M.Science (architecture) in 1981and a Ph.D in 1985, becoming a senior lecturer then a Professor.
His published works on architecture are:
  The Symbolism of the Stupa (Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 1985)
  Architecture, Time and Eternity (Aditya Prakashan Press) 1990 ISBN 81-85179-   30-1 (two volumes)
Albert Read:  Another architectural student of immense talent and originality and a friend of Adrian's whom I met at my house in Bynya Rd. Whale Beach, in 1954.  We became lifelong friends and he has been in private architectural practice since 1973... Canberra A.C.T. and Lake George, N.S.W.
Major Influences
Frank Lloyd Wright's influence was brief and at the beginning of my practice.  Studying some of his published work early in 1952 gave me confidence to believe in my own developing philosophy and I think his letter to me indicated he recognised this.
Frank Lloyd Wright died before I had a chance to meet him.  However, his first born son Frank Lloyd Wright Jnr. a fine architect who practiced under the name of Lloyd Wright, took charge of me in Los Angeles in 1959 and showed me several of his father's houses there.  These were the first I had actually seen of his work.  
On his father's letter to me, he remarked how is was extemely rare for him to say anything complimentary concerning the work of another architect.
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