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On Behalf of All the Geeks

  (Many thanks to Lisa for these lyrics).
Scod: On behalf of all the geeks,
  I'd just like to say,
  I've been telling you all along,
  That Lord of the Rings was cool.
Tripod: He told you so many times...
Scod: I told you...
Tripod: He told you so many ways...
Scod: I told you...
  I wore a cloak to school every day,
  But who's laughing now? Ha ha...
Tripod: (Maniacally) Ha ha ha ha ha!
Scod: Yes indeed!
Gatesy: Yes indeed!
Scod: I gotcha!
Tripod: Now you'll all do as I did,
  You'll name your first child "Bilbo".
  But don't try to catch up now,
  It's too late to make amends.
  You were far too busy with girls and cars and sport...
Scod: ... and friends...
  (Scod bursts into tears)
Yon: What a fucked actor!