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NCE DCC specific.


NSW Specific

Consisting Mark Gurries.

Noise suppressors in DCC- M Gurries

Diesel 50m speed tests – Phil Clark

The Power Cab – NCE’s starter set.

Shorts & causes Mark Gurries

Locomotive Lights - Josh Beveridge

Connecting UTPs – Mark Gurries

Suppression & FM interference

Improving running qualities of locos.

Power & Cab bus suppressors

Motor Isolation for DCC.


Cab Addresses including radio.

Lenz’s USP information


NCE DC throttle - theory

Bipolar Capacitors for Soundtraxx


NCE Radio transmission Power

LEDs operation & control


Radio antenna SMA replacement

Speaker Impedance 8 – 100 ohms


Horn not switching off using radio.

Resistor wheels for block detection


Eprom and Battery replacement

Dimming H/Light for decoder no F4


Radio board’s power reqs – Sepic

DCC signal superimposed on A.C.


All NCE decoder & system manuals

Joe Fugate’s use of 1156s for shorts



A use for older DCC decoders

Loksound steam decoder adjustments.


Runaways – reasons & fixes

Soundtraxx Tsunami problems & fixes


Two boosters from one transformer

Balancing loco sounds – volume.


Booster overheating & heatsinks.

Early Soundtraxx Tsunamis & Digitrax


DCC Friendly turnouts – M Gurries

Using the QSI Upgrade chip D Fiehmann


1.5 lamp – calculating resistor value

QSI Q1a Back EMF explained – G Pruss


Digitrax throttles Cheat Sheet



QSI Back EMF details post MTH issue



DCC Address “0”  by Mark Gurries



Speed Matching Locos with Dec Pro



Seuthe Smoke units in DCC



Smoke Oil for Seuthe etc.



Auto Rev section shorter than train



Back EMF explained by Ed Loizeaux