DCC system and accessories manufacturers.


NCE  from North Coast Engineering - my DCC system – System, decoders and accessories.


LenzTheir owner, Bernard Lenz pioneered the DCC signal that the NMRA based their Standards on. Make systems, decoders, Back EMF decoders and accessories.


EasyDCC from CVP Products – No dealers, only mail order from USA. Only systems & accessories, no loco decoders.


Digitrax from the U.S.


Soundtraxx sound decoders only.


TCS from Train Control Systems only make loco decoders.


ESU Loksound – The German manufacturer of systems and decoders. Are making sound decoders that can be programmed with your own prototype sounds. Good for us Australian modellers, will now have Aussie sounds.


QSI from Quantum Sound Industries, the leaders in the U.S of sound chips, but only available in OEM products, that loco manufacturers like my Australian Eureka Models and the US Broadway Limited. Soon after market QSI chips will be available.


MRC  from the Model Rectifier Co with the Prodigy Advance DCC.


Atlas  the Commander system


Roco  The Austrian manufacturer


Bachmann  The E Z DCC system