DCC Articles and Information.



Beginners DCC.

Lights in DCC

Marcus' DCC for Novices.

Lights for DCC Incandescent or LEDs

Tony's Primer - Beginners guide to DCC.


The best Entry Level DCC system - NCE's Power Cab



Decoder Definitions, Selection & Installations.

Track Wiring etc.

Loco not responding that worked previously.

Allan Gartner's Wiring for DCC

Decoder Function voltage Cautions & measuring.

Connecting DCC to an existing layout easily.

Stay Alive for NCE, TCS & Soundtraxx DSD decoders.

Points & DCC what to do for existing layouts.


Ed Loizeaux's thoughts on DCC Friendly turnouts


DCC DC discussion.

Cannot read CVs of sound locos on the Program Track.

Excessive Track Voltage from some DCC systems.

Using Decoder Pro without reading CVs

Power Districts using 1156s




Power Management, Circuit Breakers & Meters.

Motor Control.

Using the 1156 for short management

Pulse Width Modulation & Back EMF explained.

Using Automotive lamps in DCC

Back EMF, Torque Compensation and Dither.

Lenz LS150 Issue – by Erik Bennett.

Litchfield Station’s “DCC University” FAQs.

Circuit Breakers & Boosters not resetting with sound.


DCC Meters

Sound Decoders


Stay Alive for NCE & Soundtraxx DSD decoders.


Circuit Breakers & Boosters not resetting with sound.

Runaways problems and fixes.

Soundtraxx’s Tsunami FAQs from Litchfield Stn


Tsunamis SLOW speed - Bruce Petrarca (ex Litchfield Stn) 


Tsunamis SLOW speed - Detlef Kurpanek 

NCE Power Pro Serial Port Issue

Overheating Tsunami TSU750 Micro Test

NCE Articles by Mark Schutzer




NCE Radio.

NCE Cab Addresses - Which one for what throttles.

Great Info from Yahoo Group Emails.

NCE Radio All about & how to operate.

Yahoo members great information emails.