Modelling Articles – Sound, Lights, NSW models etc.


Sound – the Ultimate feature.

Loco Improvements & Mods

Presentations & Clinics

Sound Decoders for Aussie Locos

Fit Extra Pickups for better opn.

Gerry Hopkins Decoder Pro Clinic 

Comparison of Speaker Sounds  

Getting Steam Locos to run better.


Air Horn Sounds – ATSF USA.

Austrains 80 bogie pick up problems

Layout Projects & Ideas

C36 Front Coupler by RP “supersix” 

R/C Servos for Points – G Hopkins

Lights in DCC

“Stay Alive” capacitors for decoders

Speedometer Wagon

Headlights - LEDs & Incandescents.

Exhaust Cam - Ray Pilgrim’s Blog

Cleaning loco wheels at the bench.

Resistor Colour Code Chart.

Titan in a D57 – Ray Pilgrim’s Blog

WiFi Throttles – Dec Pro & a WAP

Fibre Optics

My D57 – Cam + Tsunami Light Logging

Power Cab/USB Jiffy Box

Fix for LED & S/traxx DSD-100LC


Constant Brilliance H/lights for DC.

Rolling Stock.

Work Bench Ideas

Lights for NSW Diesels – Josh

S Wagon Tarps – Ray Pilgrim’s Blog  

Soldering information & equipment.

Lights for NSW Steam.



Flicker Free lights -Super Capacitor



Trainorama 44 Twin beam headlight



Eureka AD60 Garratt Marker Lights



Austrains CLP/CLF Marker Lights



Austrains 36 LED headlight.



Marker Lights by Mark Schutzer



Don Crano’s flicker free circuits