The Moe to Walhalla Narrow Gauge Railway

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Moe is pronounced Mow-ee.
The stations on the line were:

Moe | Gooding | Temporary Station Site |
Siding | Tyers River | Gould | Moondarra |
Watson | Collins' Siding | Erica | Knott's Siding |
O'Shea & Bennett's Siding | Murie | Platina

Walhalla Goldfields Railway

Thomson | Winter Platform | Cascade Bridge Halt | Happy Creek | Walhalla

The Forest Commission's

Tyers Valley Tramway

The map is part of the Victorian Railways map published on 1/10/1943. I have included surrounding railways for reference.

The gradient diagram is in three parts:

This railway officially opened in 1910, although it carried goods from Moe to the end of the line while it was under construction. The section from Walhalla to Platina closed in 1/4/1944. The section from Platina to Erica closed on the 14/10/1952, and the section Moe to Erica closed on 25/6/1954. Platina was the loading point for a copper mine, hence the termination to Platina.

The Walhalla gold field was one of the richest in Australia. The line was built to service it, but the gold ran out as the line approached Walhalla. The last of the major mines closed on 13/12/1913. Cynics say that the railway's major revenue was earned carting away the town it was built to serve. As can be seen from the map there was little traffic originating from the first fifteen miles, a section that included only two sidings.

A group of volunteers (The Walhalla Goldfields Railway) have started reconstructing the railway. Their terminus is at the site of Thomson station. Currently they run trains from Thomson to Walhalla. Click here to got to the WGR home page.


Originally the line was worked as a one section Train Staff and Ticket system with signals at Moe and Walhalla. Erica (then named Harris) was opened as a permanent staff station between 1912 and 1916. Erica was re-opened as a permanent staff station in 1920. Apart from the truncation of the railway in 1944 to Platina things remained like this until the railway closed.

It is odd that the 1953 General Appendix to the Victorian Railways Rules and regulations states that "Unless specially authorised by the Chief Traffic Manager trains must not be permitted to cross at Erica." This means that it was normal to have only one train at a time on the line.

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