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In 1982 the Puffing Billy Preservation Society had completed most of the earthworks for the new low-level platform. The old platform was on a 1 in 40 grade, and was not the safest.

The station building was the original 1900 Belgrave station. It had been dismantled and transported to its new site ay Puffing Billy shortly after the V.R. closed the Upper Ferntree Gully to Belgrave section prior to rebuilding the line in broad gauge.

For this move it was decided to shift the station without dismantling it. The extensive verandah was removed and the station jacked and placed on rails.

The station building is in the distance. The new location for the station is just out of shot at the lower level platform on the left.

The site had been prepared.

The two NQR trucks were positioned in #3 road with rails to support the station in its slide forward. Time was limited, as the trucks blocked access to the coal stage and Puffing Billy was running a normal time-table.

A bridge-gang winch was set up to pull the station across.

I did try to move it, but …

Fortunately there were many willing hands to help.

Those who planned the move claimed that they had checked the clearances, but some volunteers were a bit doubtful.

Just as the station had been pushed into its new position the phone inside it rang. The stationmaster of the day (John Topp) had a huge grin as he took the first call. That was organised by the Signal & Telegraph branch and it was a nice tough to finish off the day,

The old Belgrave station remains in its position.

Those who have been to Belgrave will notice that we extended the platform road some time after this. The track layout as pictured was an interim measure.

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