Some WWW Links

Below is an idiosyncratic list of some of the WWW sites related to railways that I find interesting. It is not meant to be comprehensive, and the exclusion of any particular site in no way denigrates that site. The list below generally reflects my interest in Victorian Narrow Gauge Railways.

Naturally Puffing Billy has to be first on the list.
The Light Railway Research Association (LRRSA) researches light construction and industrial railways. These are usually small and usually narrow gauge. They have some excellent publications on Victorian Timber Tramways as well as other books.
The Walhalla Goldfields Railway has restored the part of the Moe - Walhalla line from Thomson to Walhalla. This is a spectacular railway line.
In spite of being based in Sydney Paul Willis is a Victorian Narrow Gauge fan. His site has details of his favourite railway - the Moe to Walhalla line.
Mark Bau's site has some station and rolling stock diagrams
If you are interested in more details logging tramways in Australia try the Light Railways Research Society site
World-wide 30" Railways and Railroads
This site lists all known railways constructed in 2'6", 750mm, and 760mm gauges (including Prussian, Rhineland and Swedish 30 "traditional inch" lines) and other closely related gauges.
An amazing list with links.
The Battle Ground, Yacolt, & Chelatchie Prairie Railroad , (BYCX) at YACOLT, WASHINGTON is a standard gauge line. It (like Puffing Billy) is run by volunteers. A couple of the BYCX workers visit Puffing Billy to work as volunteers on their holidays. This link is my way to thank a couple of beaut blokes.