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Wingeom is an interactive geometry program.  It's fun!

This program allows you to drag vertices around so you can investigate geometrical facts.

You will need to:

1    Download Wingeom onto your computer.

      Download Wingeom here or go to Mr Parris' site at Phillips Exeter Academy, as other
      excellent programs can be downloaded from his site.

2    Save the activities below onto your computer.

How to use Wingeom:

Method 1

1    Double click any of the saved files below.

2    When asked to choose which program created
      this file, find your downloaded Wingeom and tick
      the box that says 'Always open this type of file
      with this program.'




Method 2

1    Double click on the Wingeom icon.

2    Click on 'Window' and drag down to '2-dim'. 

3    Click on 'File', then drag down to 'open'.

4    Look for the place in your computer where you
      saved this web site's files, then press 'open' on
      the dialog box.

5    Maximize each page so the activity covers the
      whole screen.

Wingeom Activities - I hope you enjoy them!

Why is it a square?
Shows how a square can be constructed, using its diagonals.
Properties of a square
Drag the vertices and have a look at some squares.
Diagonals in a rectangle
What do the diagonals of a rectangle do?  Change the rectangle and see if the rules remain true.
Properties of an isosceles triangle
What do you know about isosceles triangles?  Drag this triangle around and find out.
Symmetry of an equilateral triangle
Look at this spinning triangle and answer the questions.
Properties of a rhombus
Drag this rhombus around and check its measurements.
Diagonals and opposite angles of a parallelogram
Is there anything special about the diagonals and the opposite angles of a parallelogram?
Congruent triangles in a parallelogram
Match sides and angles as you watch the animation.
Can you change this trapezium to a parallelogram or square?
Congruent triangles in a kite
What is special about kites?  Drag this kite around to see.
Matching triangles
Drag the pink triangle onto your new triangle.  Do all your triangles match the original?
AAS Congruent triangles test
Why do D and C coincide? This activity helps you understand the AAS test of congruency.
Similar triangles
Look at the numbers as you watch the animation.  Change the picture to see if the rules still work.
circle power
'Power of a point' theorem.  This theorem combines all the tangent and secant properties you learn in the Extension 1 Maths course.
Watch this space More Wingeom coming soon