Perring Family History

(Australian Branch)


As most would know, to trace a family to it's roots is a path that leads every which way, with bends and curves, hills and valleys, highways that lead to sheer walls of nothing and overgrown foot tracks that meander into clearings of knowledge and ancestral beauty. To pursue these trails within the borders of one country is an adventure, to try and carry on this type of expedition from another is perhaps an adventure, with all the traps and pitfalls that nature and fate can devise to deter you along the way. Only with the assistance of the most trusted local guides and experienced bearers can the truth be found.

In recent years the introduction of the home computer, the internet and email have brought people seeking answers to the missing branches to their family tree together with the ability to share information more readily. What follows is not only of the Perring family in Australia, but all those from England and elsewhere that have contributed. Although the validity of some information can never be confirmed, if included, with that which can be a presumption of the facts is possible.

The name Perring originated in England in the 11th century, coming from Pierrun, a Norman name, which entered England with the troops of William the Conqueror in 1066.

Nicholas Pierrun, is recorded in the Doomsday Book, the first English census taken in 1066-1086. Later the English version appeared as Perring and was noted and recorded to William Perring, the County of Sussex in the year 1332.

The family has a coat of arms with the inscription "Impovidum feriunt ruinae" meaning, "The ruins strike him undismayed."

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