I refer to your correspondence of 20 September 2005 to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Campbell, concerning the proposed integrated golf course and residential development at Minnippi West, Brisbane, Queensland.

I am writing to inform you that the development has been referred to my Department for consideration as to whether Australian Government approval is required. The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 sets out the referral process, which includes a public comment phase of 10 business days. The referral documentation (reference number 2005/2358) can be accessed at the Departmental webpage (http://www.deh.gov.au/epbc/publicnotices/index.html.) The closing date for public comments is 4 November 2005.

You must check out the map of wetlands as supplied

A coalition of community and environmental groups opposing the Brisbane City Council and their preferred developer BMD to convert 125 ha of Brisbane City Council OWNED bushland, acid sulphate soils wetlands and cleared elevated land to a Resort Golf Course, Pro Golf Shop, 13 ha Housing Estate and Conference Centre.

The east side of Bulimba Creek (Minnippi Parklands with the bikeways and duck pond) is not under threat of development. The development is proposed for 125 hectares on the west side of Bulimba Creek.

Information sheets

Tree Destruction List

Submission Letter re:  Acid Sulphate Soils

Information for Letters to the Editor

How did the Brisbane City Council acquire the property deemed to become housing development site

What the Lord Mayor of Brisbane said:

Part of the development application.  two pages  82k .pdf

What the developer had said about how they will prevent cats being kept on this proposed housing subdivision and golf resort.

What the researchers said about no housing at this site must read

Protest Meetings

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What certain pages of a Brisbane City Council Report into BCC Business said

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Six FREE Christmas Cards to printout and send plus address list

What Cr John Campbell said on TV about the BCC not approving certain developments which interefered with flood plain and flooding  370kb self displaying avi movie from TV news clip.  Click and openfile. Save if you wish.


Local Groups opposing this proposed development include:

The Rivermouth Action Group Inc
Save our Squirrel Glider Committee
Bennetts Bushland Defenders
Minnippi Bushland Defenders
Brisbane Regional Environment Council
Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordination Committee
Bayside Branch Queensland Greens
Wildlife Preservation Society Bayside Branch

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Minnippi Against Development (MAD)

MAD e-mail:  minnippi@optusnet.com.au