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BMD's environmental commitment

BMD is committed to developing the proposed Minnippi Community Links development according to sustainable development principles.

To achieve this goal, a statement of our commitment to sustainability has been incorporated in the Development Management Agreement we signed with Brisbane City Council in December 2003. The statement outlines our dedication to adopting best practice standards for development in subtropical climates, and covers the following categories:

Issue BMD's commmitment

Water management
  • To exceed Brisbane City Council requirements for water sensitive urban design and total water cycle management.
  • To implement a water harvesting and re-use strategy in line with current best management practice.
Energy conservation
  • To ensure that any dwelling constructed by BMD is designed to achieve a four star energy rating.
  • To provide mains gas reticulation for the development.
  • To prepare design guidelines to encourage all Minnippi Community Links landowners to adopt energy efficient design.
Wildlife preservation
  • To implement the squirrel glider amelioration and habitat enhancement strategy.
  • To implement a Brisbane City Council by-law prohibiting cats from both the residential area and the golf course for environmental reasons.
Waste management
  • To construct a facility for residents within the development to encourage recycling of green waste.
  • To implement a waste management plan for the construction of any dwellings and buildings BMD erects.
Amenity provision
  • To provide for future reticulation of cable/communication systems by laying additional conduits through the residential area (subject to the receipt of appropriate Council approvals).
  • To provide a bikeway and pedestrian pathway system throughout the project to provide easy access throughout the site.
  • To ensure as far as is practicable that public landscaping maximises the use of flora species similar to the local gene pool.