2001/2 CORNUCOPIA • WEB. Holograms and stereo paintings. Gallery 286, London, UK
1996 CORNUCOPIA. Holograms from the 90's. Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, Bournemouth, UK.
1990 COSMETIC SERIES AND CONJUGAL SERIES. Museum fur Holographie & Neue Visuelle Medien, Pulheim. West Germany.
1987 CONJUGAL AND COSMETIC SERIES. Interference Hologram Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
1986 MIRAGE IMAGE. Musée de l'Holographie,Paris, France.
1984 Poole Arts Centre, Dorset, UK
1981 PHASES. Retrospective Exhibition, Museum of Holography, New York, USA
1979 Ewing Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1979 HOLOGRAMS. MARGARET BENYON. Watters Gallery, Sydney, Australia
1972 MARGARET BENYON. Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, UK.
1971 MARGARET BENYON. Nottingham University Art Gallery, UK. April - June.
1971 Icograda World Congress, Vienna, Austria.
1970 MARGARET BENYON. Nottingham University Art Gallery, UK. May 22 - June 13.
1970 FIRST LONDON EXPO OF HOLOGRAMS. Lisson Gallery, London, UK. Jan 17 - 1 March.
1969 MARGARET BENYON. Nottingham University Art Gallery, UK. First solo holographic art exhibition. May 1 - 24.

2006 THE 3-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection, Bodelwddan Castle, Wales, UK.
2005 RARE HOLOGRAM EXHIBITION, Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection, 286 Gallery, London, UK.
2003 LIGHT FROM SHADOW: THE LEGACY OF CHIAROSCURO IN SPATIAL IMAGING, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.
2003 LEADING LIGHTS: WOMEN IN HOLOGRAPHY. Moreau Art Galleries, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame , Indiana, USA.
2003 Artists exhibition in association with the SPIE Electronic Imaging conference, Santa Clara, USA.
2001 NEW ACQUISITIONS, Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection, 286 Gallery, London, UK.
2000 HOLOGRAPHY 2000, St Poelten, Austria.
2000 Works from the Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection at the Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, USA.
2000 GENERATIONS.  A touring show featuring five artists from the AIR program at the Center for Holographic Arts, New  York, USA.
VISIONS INTO THE 21st CENTURY: The New Age of Holography, Nov 26, 1999 - Feb 27, 2000. Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio, USA.
1998 ELECTRONICALLY YOURS. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, under auspices of National Portrait Gallery, London.
1997 UNFOLDING LIGHT: THE EVOLUTION OF TEN HOLOGRAPHERS. Opened September at  the MIT Museum, Boston, and touring to art institutions in the USA until 2000.
1997 Permanent exhibition of holography. Camera Obscura, Edinburgh, UK.
1996 HOLOGRAPHIC NETWORK /Visual Journeys between Art, Science and Technique. Sept/Oct. Akademie der Kunst, Berlin,Germany.
1996 RAUM IN SICHT- MAGIC IN 3-D.  3D Imaging exhibition, Technorama Science Museum, Winterthur, Switzerland.
1996 Dorset Art Week. April. Open Studio, Broadstone, Dorset, UK.
1996 Permanent exhibition of holography. Royal Photographic Society, Bath, UK.
1995 THE WORLD'S WOMEN ON-LINE! Image on electronic art networking event, UN 4th World Conference on Women, Beijing,China, on electronic media walls at National Museum of Women in the Arts,Washington, DC, & on post-conference CD-ROM.
1995 THE ART OF HOLOGRAPHY. National Media Museum, Bradford, UK.
1995 HOLOGRAPHY FROM AROUND THE WORLD, including "3 x 8 + 1" exhibition. James Dun's House, The University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland. UK.
1995 RECENT AQUISITIONS FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHY COLLECTION. Henry Cole Wing, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
1995 HOLOGRAPHY GROUP EXHIBITION. Royal Photographic Society, Bath, UK.
1994 "3 x 8+1" Holographic artworks from the collection of Jonathan Ross, The Milton Gallery, St Paul's School,London.
1994 HOLOGRAPHIA 2000, Maison Internationale de L'Holographie, Paris, France.
1994 THE AGE, THE FASHION...THE VIRTUAL PASSION. ACCIONA. Interactive Science Museum, Madrid, Spain.
1994 Dorset Art Week. April. Open Studio, Broadstone, and group exhibition of Dorset artists, Knoll Gardens, Wimborne.
1993 WORLD OF HOLOGRAPHY 2nd International Exhibition, Daimaru Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
1992/3 Exhibition to celebrate publication of International Women's Art Diary, Centre 181 Gallery, London.
1992 4 BRITISH HOLOGRAPHERS. Smith's Gallery, London.
1992 HOLOGRAMAS Museum fur Holographie & Neue Visuelle Medien, exhibited Casa del Monte, Madrid
1991 HOLOGRAPHISCHE VISIONEN, Museum fur Holographie & Neue Visuelle Medien, exhibited in Köln, Germany and Caja de Madrid, Spain.
1991 FIAT LUX! HOLOGRAPHIA. Asturias, Spain.
1991 Holographic joint project with Richard Hamilton included in his solo exhibition at Anthony D'Offay Gallery, London,UK.
1990 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ART IN HOLOGRAPHY. St Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA.
1990 CAPTURED LIGHT: NEW WORKS BY LEADING HOLOGRAPHERS. Chelsea Center, New York, + Museum of Holography, New York.,USA.
1989 Israel National Museum of Science and Technology, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1989 TOWARDS A BIGGER PICTURE. Tate Gallery Liverpool., UK
1989 WORLD OF HOLOGRAPHY International Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.
1989 ARTEC '89. International Biennale in Nagoya, Japan.
1989 RPS Stand, Ideal Home Exhibition, London, UK.
1989 AS WE SEE IT. National Geographic Explorers Hall, Washington, USA.
1988 SPARKASSE exhibition, Waiblingen, Germany.
1988 FUTURESIGHT. Selected works from Museum of Holography, NY.  Tour of New Zealand.
1987 Tiffany & Co, (Window display). Houston, USA.
1987 Houston Center for Photography, Houston,USA.
1987 ILLUMINATIONS RPS National Centre of Photography, Bath, UK.
1987 British Trade and Technology Week.Genoa. (Trade Show), Italy.
1987 THE HOLOGRAPHIC INSTANT, Museum of Holography, New York, USA.
1987 IMAGES IN TIME AND SPACE. Montreal,Canada.
1987 Fratelli Allinari Photo Museum, Florence, Italy.
1987 AIR WAVES. Museum of Holography, New York, USA.
1986 PROCESSOS: CULTURA Y NUEVAS TECHNOLOGIAS. Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid. Ministry of Culture exhibition, Spain.
1986 HIGH TECHNOLOGY AND ART 1986. Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan.
1985 Palais de la Decouverte, Paris, France.
1984 A TASTE OF HOLOGRAPHY. Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, UK.
1984 HOLOGRAPHY GROUP EXHIBITION. Royal Photographic Society, Bath, UK.
1984 DEDALE '84. Deuxieme Biennale des Metiers d'Art, Avignon, France.
1984 LICHT-BLICKE. Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany.
1984 LIGHT YEARS AHEAD. York City Art Gallery, York, UK.
1984 PHANTASMAGORIA. An International Exhibition of Art Holography'. Cleveland Gallery, Cleveland, U.K.
1984 BRITISH HOLOGRAPHY. San Francisco, touring to Museum of Holography, New York, and Interference Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
1983 LIGHT DIMENSIONS. RPS, Bath, and Science Museum, London, UK.
1983 INTERNATIONAL HOLOGRAPHY. Light Fantastic Gallery, London, UK.
1983 LIGHT VISTAS, LIGHT VISIONS. Moreau Gallery, Indiana, U.S.A.
1983 CONTEMPORARY ART HOLOGRAPHY. Museum of Holography, New York, USA.
1982 AIR '81. Museum of Holography, New York, USA.
1982-97 1ST, 2ND, 3RD,4TH, 5TH + 6TH INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS OF DISPLAY HOLOGRAPHY. Lake Forest, USA. (Triennial exhibitions)
1982 BRITISH HOLOGRAPHY. Light Fantastic Gallery, London, UK.
1982 SPACE-LIGHT. International Exhibition of Holography. Touring Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Australia.
1981 Photographers Gallery, London, UK.
1980 Adelaide Festival, Australia.
1979 Solander Gallery, Canberra, Australia.
1979 Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, Australia. (Visitors included international scientists, diplomats and HRH Prince Charles)
1977 WORKS ON PAPER. Susan Gillespie Gallery, Canberra, Australia
1974 ILLUSION IN NATURE AND ART. (Organized by Ernst Gombrich and Richard Gregory.) Institute of Contemporary Art. London, UK.
1973 ILLUSION OF REALITY AND REALITY OFILLUSION. (Organized by Roland Penrose) University of Stirling, Scotland,UK.
1972 Electro-Optical Exhibition, Brighton. (Trade Show)., UK
1971 ART SPECTRUM. Alexandra Palace, London, UK.
1970 N DIMENSIONAL SPACE., Finch College Museum, New York, USA.
1968 COLOUR RHYTHM. Organized by Annely Juda. Oxford Gallery, Oxford, UK.
1968 VAT '68. Herbert Museum, Coventry, UK
1966 Axiom Gallery, London, UK.
1966 KINETIC ART. Herbert Museum, Coventry, UK.
1966 YOUNG CONTEMPORARIES. London and Arts Council Tour, UK.
1965 YOUNG CONTEMPORARIES. London and Arts Council Tour, UK.

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