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Listed below are resources that can give you an idea of how screen reader and screen magnification programs work.


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The photo below shows a man using a computer with ZoomText screen magnification program.


Photo shows a man using a computer with ZoomText screen magnification software running


The photo below shows a man wearing headphone using a computer with a screen reader.


Photo shows a man using a computer with a screen reader


WebAIM Low Vision Simulation



WebAIM Screen Reader Simulation



The WebAIM website has a simulation exercise which can help you gain an understanding of how a person with low vision experiences screen magnification on a computer, and how a person using a screen reader experiences computer access.


Videos and the Web

DoIT (Division of Information Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison)



These videos, which feature closed captioning, are available online using Quicktime:

  • Introduction to the Screen Reader

  • Screen Magnification and the Web

  • Screen Readers and the Web


Keeping Web Accessibility in Mind




This video shows three people discussing the barriers they experience when trying to access the web.  One person is blind and uses a screen reader, one person has a physical disability and uses a mouth stick, and one person is Deaf and talks about barriers to audio information.


This video can be viewed using Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or QuickTime.  Portions of the video can be viewed with relevant links in the sections on particular disabilities.


Demonstration of TextAloud

NextUp Technologies


TextAloud is a text-to-speech program.  It can read as you go, and can create wav and mp3 files.  Text-to-speech programs can be very useful for people with learning difficulties, reading documents as they scan


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