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You will see examples of universal design around you every day.  These examples might include:

  • ramps and lifts in buildings (these benefit not just people with a mobility impairment, but also those making deliveries and with prams)

  • power plugs with a finger loop to make it easier to pull out the plug

  • mobile phones with vibrating alert (once an expensive option for people with a hearing impairment, or those in noisy environments, this now comes with most phones)

  • text messages on mobile phones were once a breakthrough in mobile communication for people who are Deaf, this feature is now hugely popular in the community, with text-to-speech available for people with a vision impairment

  • proximity cards, which can be recognised within 60 cm, as an alternative to magnetic swipe cards for entry into secure areas


Photo shows a power plug with a finger loop, making it easier to remove the plug from a power point                 Photo shows mobile phone

Ergonomic power plug               Mobile phones with vibrating alert


More examples


Bruce Hannah's Top Thirteen Universal Design Examples

Freedom Machines



This site offers a photo gallery and short description of 13 products ranging from door handles, to cars, to kitchen gadgets. 


FlossGrip Flosser



The FlossGrip holds dental floss and has a long handle making it possible for some people, and easier for most people, to use dental floss.


Thinking outside the square


Incorporating instructions for left handers is a good example of universal design.


Left Handed Throwing Technique

Stones Throw Boomerangs



See these instructions for how to throw a boomerang using your left hand.  There are also instructions for right handed throwing as well.




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