Konigslair Belle Amie


Date of Birth: 14th May 2012

Scarlett is our puppy from our Furry Friends litter. Her mum is our Mimi and her dad is Phoenix (Ch.Wolfen Johnny Be Good) owned by Steve and Lorraine Odell. This lovely head shot of her was taken at the end of July this year.

Scarlett has the typical Leonberger temperament and loves everyone and everything. She is the first Leo we have had that enjoys playing fetch and will happily retrieve her toys and give on command, another first for our Leos!

I have been doing some obedience work with her as I hope she will be able to come into schools with me like her mum Mimi does.

I have also done a couple of shows with her. She took her breed class and earned her first 6 point challenge in early February. With Mimi's puppies on the ground, we had a break from showing for a while. We went back in the show ring in July, where she took her junior class. and tWe did this yearhen again in mid-September where she again was awarded her junior class and challenge bitch. We were delighted with the results from the Royal Melbourne Show where she was again awarded bitch challenge. I aim to get her out to more shows, now the warmer weather is here.

Some favourite photos of Scarlett...

Newly born Scarlett(Red girl) and her litter sisters are being fed by Mimi; She is snoozing happily in the basket; and a month later she is using Light Pink Girl as a pillow; and trying to escape from the whelping box.

These photos from mid - July show Scarlett in our family room. She is snoozing on Winnie the Pooh; sitting still for her photo; playing with one of her many toys; and having yet another nap after playing.

Time to explore the great outdoors! Scarlett is pictured outside with Hope; standing in our backyard; relaxed inside after expending all that energy; and again on the move.

Calyph, being the world's biggest puppy, stole Scarlett's toy; Scarlett is also pictured standing in the yard and on the decking; and playing with her new toy, a present from puppy pre-school.

Scarlett is pictured with her mum, Mimi; a lovely head shot of her; in the ring at Kyneton with judge, Petra Junehill; and proudly showing off her ribbon for winning Baby Puppy of Breed.

Scarlett met up with her brother Mojave (Gold Boy), for a play date in October where they had a ball running and playing together and making lots of new friends.

The camera didn't come out much in November, so I decided to take some photos of her at home in our yard.

I love this photo of Scarlett and her developing mane; she is sitting in our back yard in December; and enjoying playing with Calyph and Jarrah in January 2013.

Scarlett is pictured in February at a show; posing with her dad, Phoenix, who took best of breed at the show; and along with Calyph enjoying lying under the cooling on a warm summer's day.

Scarlett is pictured standing on our decking in mid February; and with her new playmate Ted from our Lionheart litter. She loved having another youngster to play with.

The photo of Scarlett was taken with her bithday card on the 14th May. The other photos were taken in mid July. Scarlett is smiling for the camera, standing on our decking and sitting in our kitchen.

In early September, Scarlett is pictured on the decking with Jarrah and Calyph. I also snapped a lovely head shot of her and Scarlett and of her sitting and dropped in our yard.

These photos of Scarlett was taken in late September. A close up shot of her front and mane; sitting on the floor at the Royal Show; playing with one of her toys; and in early October, she is dropped in our yard.

Click to view Scarlett's pedigree.