Aust Ch. Konigslair Golden Healin
Date of Birth: 19th January 2007

This photo of Mimi standing on our decking was taken in April 2013.

Mimi is a pup from our Golden Litter. Her mother was our Mitta (Ch Hochspitz Mitta Mitta) and her dad was Guyli (Ch Lejonklippans Piri Piri).

Mimi's pedigree and pet names were chosen especially for her. We chose the name Konigslair Golden Healin as we had lost Mitta to black mastitis when the pups were just 10 days old. Her pet name comes from the first 2 letters of Mitta Mitta's name in honour of her mother. Mimi is very much like Mitta in both looks and shares both Mitta and Guyli's great temperament.


Below are some of my favourite photos of Mimi as a youngster. She is pictured enjoying a cuddle with Jenny and Hope; relaxing after being in the ring at her first show; and standing on the decking with grandpa Konig.


Mimi is pictured standing in our back yard; relaxed in what little grass we had due to the dry weather we had that year; and out in our yard with Tamsin.


One of my favourite photos of Mimi at a show in Moe; standing on the oval at our local park; sitting in our back yard; and with her and Calyph's then 2 day old pups.


Mimi is sitting on the decking with Hope; with the rosettes she won for Challenge Bitch at the 2010 Royal Melbourne Show and in the ring being judged

Mimi began her work with me in the Resposible Pet Education Program in Schools, following in the paw prints of both her grandfather Konig and Tamsin.

She is very relaxed and enjoys being in the classroom with the children. Mimi just loves her work and wants to give leo-licks to all the children in the 'meet and greet' part of our talk... which some children are not so keen about. I tell the staff and children that Mimi believes her mission in life is to give leo-kisses to all the children she meets in the schools we visit.

She is pictured on one of her school visits in September .


Mimi is pictured with Jarrah at their first meeting at our local park; sitting with Tamsin in our front yard; and standing on our decking.


A very pregnant Mimi is pictured in our back yard in early April, just over a month befoe her second litter was born; sitting in our front yard in early July; and with her then 6 month old daughter, Scarlett in Septemeber.


A lovely head shot of Mimi taken in February. A photo of Mimi with 2 of her offspring, 8 week old Ted from her 2013 litter and Scarlett from her 2012 litter. She is also seen standing on the decking in late April.

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Mimi has had 4 litters of pups. Her first, third and 4th litters were with Calyph. For information about these litters please visit the Celestial Litter and Lionheart Litter pages and

Mimi's second litter was with Phoenix (Ch Wolfen Johnny Be Good (impUK) For information about this litter please visit the
Furry Friends Litter page

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