Aust Ch Mathoaka's Walk On Blundstone (Imp Swd)

5th July 1999 - 9th February 2013.

Konig was our first Leo and the start of our passion for the breed. We are so grateful to Lotta and Rolf Petre from Mathoaka's Kennels for sending this special boy to us and their enduring friendship over the last 13 years.

Sadly we had to make the ultimate decision to let him go. He died peacefully in our arms on the 9th February, an astounding 13 years and 7 months old. He was an amazing boy and we were so lucky to have him in our life.

The photo of Konig with Marshall was taken at home, as we said our last goodbyes.

Rest In Peace Konig, you did well!

We are so proud of Konig and all he has achieved. He not only sired the first two Leonberger litters born in Victoria but was also the first Leonberger in Victoria to gain a Champion title.

He won the first and only Leonberger Championship Show held in Australia on the 17th April 2005 under the well-known international specialist Leonberger judge, Guido Perosino.

Konig worked with me up until 2008 in the Responsible Pet Education Program and he was a delight to take into schools.

He is pictured, on the left in the ring with Marshall at the Leonberger Championship Show and at home with some of his awards. The photo on the right shows him relaxed on his mat on one of our school visits.

These are some of my favourite photos of Konig as a youngster.

He is pictured with Rolf as a young pup in Sweden; our first meeting with Konig in quarantine; being shown by Lotta on her visit to Australia in early 2002; and with his daughter, Mitta taken in late 2002.

These pictures were taken in 2003 and 2004.

This favourite head shot of Konig was taken in June 2003.He is pictured with Tamsin, Duke, Bessie, Leonardo and Mitta at Christmas in 2003.

The photo on the extreme right, was taken in September at the 2004 Royal Melbourne Show.

These photos were taken in 2005.

Konig is pictured dropped in our yard. He is enjoying a day out with Tamsin and Mitta on a visit to Tuck's Ridge Winery.

He is also pictured with Hope at the winery in 2006 .

These photos were taken in 2007 and 2008.

Konig is pictured sitting amongst the camellia flowers in our front yard on his 9th bithday.

He is playing with his toy snowman, a Christmas present from work.

Konig is pictured with his then best mate, Calyph in October 2008.

These photos were taken in 2009.

Konig is pictured sitting in our yard in May.

He is smiling for the camera on a trip to our local off-leash park on his 10th birthday,

He is relaxed on the family room floor in November.

These photos were taken in 2010.

Konig is pictured standing and sitting in our front yard on his 11th birthday.

Konig is also shown in our backyard lm December.

These photos of Konig were taken in 2011.

He is pictured in the front yard of our home on his 12th Birthday.

Konig is pictured with Pascha, his first lady friend, who came on a visit to our home in June.

At the end of July at KCC Park, this lovely head shot taken by Georgia, when a joint birthday party was held to celebrate both Konig and Pascha's 12th birthdays.

These photos were taken in 2012.

This head shot of Konig was taken on his 13th birthday.

As was the family portrait. This picture shows four generatons. His grand-daughter Mimi, himself, his daughter Hope, and great-grand daughter Scarlett.

We didn't know he could still do it, but Konig decided to climb up on the couch in late May as he didn't like the storm!

Konig has sired 2 litters of 9 puppies, both out of Pridelands First Passion (Pascha) and in 2006 sired a third litter of 6 puppies to our bitch, Dragongardens Twice as Nice (Tamsin). He also has 33 grand-puppies from his Hochspitz daughters, Mitta, Cliquot, Tarni and Freyja and 39 great-grandpuppies; 3 from Tamsin and Khan's litter, 9 from Mimi and Calyph's litters, 11 from Mimi and Phoenix's litter, and 17 from Minerva and Titan's 2 litters. You can see more pictures of his pups with Tamsin on the Silver litter page and Hope's page and some of his grandpuppies on the Gemstone Litterpage and Celestial litter pages.

Click to view Konig's pedigree.