Konigslair Silver Hope


Date of Birth: 25th January 2006

Hope is a pup from our Silver Litter. Her mother is Tamsin (Dragongardens Twice as Nice) and her dad is Konig (Ch Mathoaka's Walk on Blundstone).

This photo of Hope was taken in our yard on the 2nd March this year.

Hope's name was chosen especially for her as we hoped she would become part of our future breeding plans and also join me, like her dad Konig and mum Tamsin, in the Responsible Pet Education Program. However that proved not to be possible but she is, and will always remain, a very much loved member of our Leo family.


This lovely head shot of 9 week old Hope, was taken in March. In May, she is enjoying a paddle in Guyli's pool on a visit to his home. Hope is pictured with her dad Konig on a Leo outing held in August. Hope and Jenny are seen exiting the ring with her ribbons after winning Baby Puppy of Breed at the Royal Melbourne Show. A relaxed Hope is pictured after being judged at a show we attended in Geelong in October.



Hope is pictured standing in our yard and also relaxed with a sleepy 3 month old Mim in March. This head shot of Hope was taken in our yard in May. Hope is pictured with Konig, Tamsin and Mimi in December.


In July, Hope is pictured in our yard and also playing with Calyph not long after his release from quarantine. She is enjoying a run at our local park in August and lying in the grass in our yard in October.


Hope is lying on our decking, a favourite place where she can watch over our yard. She and Calyph are relaxed in the family room in August. Hope is snoozing comfortably on the couch in October and with Tamsin at the park in November.


Hope is pictured with Tsar and Tamsin in a local park in February. She and Tamsin are sitting in the car on an outing in May. Mimi and Hope are seen on the decking in July and in December, a lovely family portrait of Hope, Konig and Tamsin.


On a warm summer day In January, Hope and Tamsin are chasing the water from the hose. Hope is also enjoying being in the shade on the decking. She is pictured having a run at the park in February. Hope is pictured standing on the decking in August and with Tamsin in our yard in December.


In January Hope is pictured enjoying a romp at the local park. Marshall was nursing Mojave who was unsettled, whilst Hope and Tamsin looked on in late May. This photo of Hope and Konig was taken in July on Konig's 13th birthday. Hope and Tamsin are sitting on the decking on Tamsin's 10th birthday in September.


Hope is pictured with Scarlett and Calyph in the family room in February. Ted, from our Lionheart litter is saying hello to Hope as he explores our back yard and she is pictured with Tamsin in late December.


This series of photos of Hope were taken in our yard in March this year.

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