Railway Lines of New South Wales Showing the locations of my Main North layout from

Gosford to Gunnedah. Click on these names for lines, photos & maps of Pymble, Sydney and the Main North.

All railway maps, railway line diagrams and photos of the Railways of New South Wales accessed from this page, are courtesy of Rolfe Bozier


The above Map showing the Main North with the locations on my layout marked. The Liverpool Ranges are at Ardglen, which is one of the focal points of my layout, with the added operation of adding helpers or double headers across e Liverpool Ranges in both directions. A helper operation will be very interesting. This particular facet of operation is one of the primary reasons I chose NCE DCC as this allows me to make up consists “on the fly”. As of April 2009, I have added the Cowan Bank and Sydney Staging.


The sections of my Main North layout are:


Sydney Staging – Gosford 

Previously my Main North ended at Gosford, I have added Cowan Bank and Sydney Staging (underneath Broadmeadow), the southern most part of the real Main North, to my Main North layout. Sydney Staging has a Return Loop and 4 through Sidings. Many “trains” will originate from outward locations, driven to Sydney and return to outward location by the same operator, with this Return Loop at Sydney, providing many operators with “double time” operations, keeping everybody even happier, with more operating time.


The Main North was electrified in sections, to Gosford in 1960, to Wyong 1982 and to Newcastle in 1984. My era is the mid 60s so I’ll have the line from Sydney (Staging) to Gosford with catenary. Most trains heading south to Sydney and north to Newcastle, Werris Creek etc, required a change of engine at Gosford. When the Auscision Models 46 Class is released, hopefully in 2012/13, this “operation” will be copied on my Main North making it even more fun operating a train to/from Sydney.


This will mean that an operator running the W44 Concentrate Train, Northern Tablelands Express etc, the trains will come down the Cowan Bank into Gosford using a 46 Class then change to the appropriate steam engine/s 35 and 60 Class for the Concentrate, 35/36 etc for the Northern Tablelands Express etc. Gosford Loco will have extensive loco servicing facilities including an 75 foot Turntable, many Sidings including the Garratt Sidings for “storing” those wonderful monster locos, the Bulk Rural Co-op and the Citrus Fruit Growers Packers Sidings etc. With the Electric Interurban (U Boats) Sets from/Sydney this’ll make Gosford a very busy location.


Gosford - Newcastle


Newcastle – Murrurundi


Murrurundi – Werris Creek


Werris Creek – Gunnedah.