Setting Up

1 Unroll your Roll Up Massage Table either across a king, queen size or double bed, or length wise along a single bed.

2 Place headrest and headrest backboard over the edge of your mattress. On the underside of the headpiece is an adjustable brace. Place this in the centre hook. For the comfort of the recipient, you may wish to use a rolled up towel or pillow to support the hips. Place this on your mat where the hips will be positioned.

3 Similarly, you may wish to spread a towel over the mat.


4The masseur/recipient should now pull the mat tightly from the feet end until the headrest backboard just starts to lever away from the bed.

5Keep holding tight whilst the massage recipient climbs into place on the mat. The weight of the recipientís head will bring the headpiece level with the bed and the recipientís body weight will hold the mat firmly in place.




Suggested Positioning For Massage

The standard position for massage is with the adjustable brace in the centre pair of hooks and with the recipient face down.

The lowest pair of hooks lower the chin of the recipient enabling better access to the neck.

The top pair of hooks offer an alternative position that some may find more comfortable. It is also useful when the recipient is lying with their back on the mat. This slightly elevates the head.



After Use

Wipe down mat with a solution of mild household detergent and water to clean it of oil, body oil etc.

To store your Roll Up Massage Table; turn the whole mat and headpiece over to expose underside of mat. Release the brace and fold down the headpiece to a flat position. Now fold the headpiece over onto the mat. Keep folding over until it is rolled up. Fasten the velcro straps. The Roll Up Massage Table can now be stored.


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