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Ever had a massage at home on a bed or on the floor? Your neck twisted to the side – you end up feeling worse than when you started …….


Of course, there are portable tables that look like giant suitcases – but they are huge, take up lots of storage space, and worst of all are very expensive.


The Roll Up Massage Table rolls out over a bed, your body holds it in place and your face is properly supported making it as

comfortable as a professional table for a fraction of the cost.



With the Roll Up Massage Table you’ve got the perfect equipment. All you need now is a caring partner who’d love give you a massage or receive on themselves.


When you’re finished wipe it down and roll it up into a compact unit which takes up

very little storage space

- slip it under the bed.



Brilliant for Back Pain Management

at home and a great way to

De-Stress your mind and body.



The Roll Up Massage Table makes a

GREAT GIFT for a loved one

plus it’s a gift you can share !!

want unlimited
Massages at home?adjustable face support for
a variety of positions
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Brilliant for Back Pain Management


De-Stress your mind and body