Navigation and Overview of Website

This website provides both an ancestor's view and a descendant's view of the Scott - Baxendell genealogy.  The views are linked by the Ancestors Overview page.  This is the key page of the site and can also be reached by the button.  All pages will take you home by the    button.   Within a group of pages the standard Start , Forward , Backward and End  buttons also apply.   

An index is provided of all the Descendants Lists. This page also links to the alphabetic list of names for each family descendants line.  An overview of some families is given on the Family Overview page.

Within a Descendants List a hyper-linked name will take you to more information or another linked line.  The children of an ancestral family are only included in one line and that is identified under that married couple.  Jane Scott's ancestors have been given a background colour consistent with the Ancestors Overview page.