Mark Woods "History of Kidsgrove Works - Nelson Industrial Estate"

Part 1 - English Electric - GEC - Cegelec - ALSTOM pdf format 3.342 Mb

Part 2 - ICL - D2D - Celestica pdf format 2.892 Mb

"I am keen on preserving the past and therefore I would be glad if you wanted to include the book in your site."

Mark Woods July 2003

End of an era

A picture of the ICL facility being knocked down. The building still standing is the engineering block which was joined by a glass bridge to the three story office block being demolished.

All this is on the opposite side of the road to the English Electric Deuce Factory.
Between 1958 and 1968 when I went to Stevenage EE were always building "The new block", but when I came back in 1975 nothing new had been built, in fact things started to go downhill from then on.

The pictures were taken in June this year (2005), since when a huge tin shed of a warehouse has gone up and all the old buildings have disappeared.

Noel Wesson

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