What is the St Thomas’ Space Station Project?
Last year St Thomas’ successfully applied to NASA to host a direct radio link between the school and an astronaut on the International Space Station. This contact is part of a project called “ARISS” which is supported by amateur radio operators and NASA’s education division. On 4 November 2008 twenty students spoke to an astronaut, asking questions as the space station passed overhead, about 360km above earth at 27 000kmh! Please explore our web site for information and exciting news on this project and how it came about.




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Annie - How did the space station get into space and how does it stay there?

Emma - What is it like eating and sleeping in space?

Britta - Do you have night and day in " the space station?

Sam - Where does the space station get it's power from?

Lachlan - Besides humans, are there any living things on the space station?

Georgia - Is there any danger of being hit by a meteoroid when on a space walk and what protection do you have?

Julia - What do you do if some one gets sick or injured in space?

Noah - With astronauts on the space station from so many countries, what time zone does it work in?

Amelia - Do you get to speak to your family from the space station?

Rachael - How long is it safe to live in the space station before it starts to affect your health?

Georgia - How do you have enough oxygen to breath on the space station?

Harry - What do you miss the most about earth?

Kirstie - When you have spare time on the space station what do you do to relax?

Caitlin - What is the hardest aspect of living on a space station?

Bianca - Where does the water supply for the space station come from?

Georgia - How many astronauts can fit in a space shuttle and live on the space station?

Lottie - What sort of experiments are done on the space station?

Tom - Is there any gravity in the space station?

Jack - Were you scared the first time you went into space?

Clair - Does your voice sound normal and does sound travel in space?





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