...join me for a tour of my hobbies and interests

Apart from my main hobby of travel, I have developed several other interests over the years.


   I love to read.
Stephen King is my favourite author when it comes to real spine-chilling horror, and on a lighter note I enjoy (what else?) travel books.
In my opinion, Paul Theroux and Eric Newby are among the best of the travel authors and for a really good laugh, I like Bill Bryson's books.
I have recently discovered a new venue in which to indulge this hobby, called Bookcrossing.
It's the greatest site on the internet with a worldwide membership of quarter of a million 'bookaholics' who trade, share and release their books into the wild, then track the book's progress from reader to reader. The aim is to turn the whole world into a library and it's great fun. Have a look here and join up.
I have just completed my own personal Bookcrossing challenge. Because I seem totally unable to keep these things within rational proportions, I decided to keep track of my progress for any interested parties. If you'd like to join me on this journey, click here and come along for the ride.


I am a crossword addict.
I prefer something really challenging, like cryptics.
If you're the same try this one.


I have a great affection for donkeys, sadly under-rated animals that don't get nearly enough appreciation.
If you'd like to learn more about these delightful creatures have a look at this site.


I'm also into researching my family history.
I'm still trying to find the time to link my programme; when I do, I would welcome any contact from long-lost relatives.
In the meantime, these are the main surnames I'm researching. Feel free to contact me you have a connection with any of these names and we can swap information.
Arrowsmith, Gates, Vallack, Clarke, Hancock, Delaney, Cormack, Mortensen, Jackson, Cocking, Illidge, Woods, Creamer, Hastie. I would also love to hear from anyone who has crossed paths with me, either during my various travels or from right here 'in the land down under'.
So if the name Jackie Arrowsmith rings a bell,
do get in touch.


A very new interest is in 9.5mm movie film.
I inherited a huge collection of home movies from my late father, who spent the years between the 1930s and 1980s recording all our family events on celluloid.
Unfortunately, I am unable to operate his equipment and don't know where to begin learning, so if there's anyone out there in cyberspace who would be willing to offer me any advice or head me in the right direction, I'd be more than pleased to hear from them.


My newest hobby is 'surfing the net'!
Since discovering the internet, I'm hooked!
If like me, you are a newcomer to this game and need help to build your own homepage, check out these wonderful tutorials.
If I can do it, you can too!


    My other main interest is art.
My favourite artist is Magritte. Click here to look at a sample of his work, or if you'd like to browse through a virtual gallery, check out my favourite.


I've drawn and painted for pleasure all my life, and ten years ago, I set up my own small business selling my miniature watercolour paintings through craft and tourist outlets and at craft shows.
Recognising the potential of selling on the internet and having now 'mastered' the art of building a web page, I have decided to launch my product on the world wide web!
So if you're looking for a unique gift for someone or if you would like to own one (or several !) of these yourself, click here to see the huge range of subjects I offer.
(Soon to be constructed, watch this space)


These are my favourite search engines-
Google... Yahoo ...AltaVista ...and Ask Jeeves.
And for a really great page, with hundreds of links, try this one.


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