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Welcome to my family www.world


I have two wonderful kids of whom I'm very proud.
My daughter, Catherine is 23 and a talented artist.
She has a great sense of humour, an interest in music
and is training to become an art teacher.



Oliver at 19, plays ice hockey and is into his Playstation and
computer games, (now that's unusual for a kid his age!)
and lately the electric guitar, for which he seems
to have a natural talent.


Another member of the family is our little black cat called Lucky.
She'll soon turn 12, which makes her a middle-aged lady,
but she's still very cute.



The latest addition to the family is Angus, a golden Labrador
Even though he's now 4, he thinks he's still a puppy and is very lovable and good-natured.
He would dearly love to become Lucky's friend, but she will have none of it!



As for me,
I was born and grew up in Bondi, Sydney, Australia.
I'm now a 50 something (don't know how that happened!) and have only
recently begun using a computer.
Once introduced to the internet, I immediately became completely
It's been quite a struggle at times as it was all very alien to begin with,
but perserverance has paid off at last and I've learned a great deal.
Oliver was a great help at first. Boys of his age seem to have a natural
affinity for machinery but their patience with their mothers'
incompetence is limited, so I relied a lot on the 'net and found it to be
a wonderfully educational tool.
So, all you other middle-aged 'baby-boomers' out there who are
struggling to understand all the latest technology, take heart -
if I can do it, anyone can!



I love travelling and have managed to see a great deal of the world
over the past 30 years or so.
I have lived in several different countries and visited many others.
For a virtual tour of some of them, visit my travel page.


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