Koil Kutting!

This is my drill and the holder I have set up, to hold it! Woo! The mandrel is slotted into the tip of the drill, and tightened. I have it so that the mandrel rotates in a counter-clockwise direction if you were looking along the mandrel to the drill. The mandrel (which I bought in Dave's set) has a slot cut out of it at its tip, which acts so that the wire can be hooked onto the mandrel and subsequent winding can be done without it slipping.
This is my hand holding the wire taught after several winds around the mandrel. When I am actually winding, i hold it differently, with my thumb on top of the wire and my fingers around the back. I apply pressure to it, and i actually use a bit of card to protect my fingers, otherwise they get sore after a while. When winding, my other hand is on the drill button, pulsing it so that it doesnt get out of control: remember if it ever gets out of control, LET GO, it will stop winding :D Also as a safety measure, my drill has a setting for the maximum winding speed, and that is set on the lowest speed.
The finished coil! (or should i say koil?)
And again! Aint it pretty?

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