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The Land Crews

The land crews provide logistical, motivational and nutritional support. They also create media and other promotional opportunities to encourage donations for the charity.

Bob and Sue Warren are the foundation members of the Windsurfing on the Murray Land Crew. Bob and Sue were Rod's 'tour guides' on the initial reconnaissance of the South Australian Murray.

Fraser McEwin was the first to act as land crew on a board trip, at Lake Mulwala near Yarrawonga. Fraser did a sterling job on a tricky section of the trip and in very hot weather.

Bob and Sue Warren resumed their role at Blanchetown in February 2008 to steer the project through inaccessible stretches of the river to Swan Reach and beyond. A year later they returned to the river to continue the South Australian section, 110 river kilometres. In 2012 they saddled up their customised caravan, this time in the Riverland area of South Australia, supporting the 143 river kilometres from Renmark to Overland Corner. You can read about the trials of these particularly challenging sections of the river on the Trip Report pages.

Byron Scott stepped into the breach at very short notice to crew for the Murray Bridge to Wellington Leg. This involved some complicated coordination on different sides of the river, and lunch!

The Albert Park Backup Crew (Dave, Christine and recently Kala Campdog) has added sophisticated bush camping to the project. Isolated bush camp sites, campfire cooking and gourmet meals supported the adventure in the Barmah, Perricoota, Gunbower and Koondrook forest sections of the trip. The muddy tracks and flooding in the areas provided some challenges for the robust 4 wheel drive vehicle! Kala Campdog is a new energetic and enthusiastic addition to this crew.

All members of the land crews have been extremely generous with their time, ideas and expert assistance. They are all now officially known as Land Crew Legends.

Additional land crews will be pressed into action as soon as they volunteer!

Do you want to be involved? You can contribute to the charity or offer assistance in another way (email Rod McEwin).


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Page updated: 23 November 2012