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This page lists some amazing and inspirational feats that have influenced this little windsurfing venture.
It's a kind of 'Honour Roll'.
Please contact Rod if you know of additional examples or information that could be added.

The impetus to attempt this venture came from people like:
  • Dick Smith, who flew a helicopter solo around the world, overcoming many obstacles.
  • Graeme Stuchbery, who rode 6,000 kms in 6 weeks on a push bike trip around Australia.
  • Geoff Turnbull, who has successfully paddled many 'Hawkesbury Classics' to raise money for charity.
Other amazing feats include:
(Incomplete - under construction - please send additional suggestions to
  • After 62 days at sea, James Castrission and Justin Jones in Lot 41 have become the first ever kayakers to paddle 2091 Kms across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand.

  • Andrew McAuley, 39, crossed 1500 kilometres of ocean from Australia in a single kayak. On Friday, February 9, 2007 he was within 54 kilometres of his goal when disaster struck. Andrew's body has not been recovered. Andrew completed numerous other courageous adventures prior to this trip.

  • Remarkable kayak trip down the Murray by 71 year old Rod Smith. The venture was very successful in attracting donations of over $17,000 and sponsors.
    Paddle for Kids

  • Log of Bill Robinson's solo kayak trip down the Murray. At the time Bill was 61 years of age, with plenty of kayaking experience. He designed and built the kayak himself, and completed the trip without land crew assistance. Bill Robinson's Log

  • Tammy van Wisse spent three and a half months immersed in the Murray River. In 106 days over the summer of 200/2001 she swam 2,438 Kms from the Alps to the Sea. I believe 2 other people have swum the Murray - please let me know if you can provide information on this. Rod
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