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Following are some pictorial records of James Fricker's work -
(1) James testing flow vs pressure drop characteristics of an air-slide fabric used for transporting powders, in the old days in Enersonics laboratory. 
Let James help you to improve the design of your equipment.
(2) An air filter loaded with black dust has white patches where there is no flow (called "blinding"). 
What is wrong with your air filters? Are they performing? Get James expert advice.
(3) R&D solved a diffuser problem without the client having to purchase new diffusers. 
Can your product be improved or manufactured more simply?
(4) The cover of the Loadest air-conditioning load estimation software developed by James. 
Do you want custom engineering software developed by someone who can understand your engineering complexities?
(5) A screen shot of Solar.exe developed by James. This program calculates solar radiation properties for Australian conditions using the latest algorithms from Denis Joseph. Another custom engineering software solution by James.

If you can provide local solar data, I can modify this program for your country.

(6) The October 1997 AIRAH Journal which published James' paper on Computational Analysis of Reflective Air Spaces, presented at the 1997 AIRAH Hobart Conference. James, being a CPEng and a M.AIRAH, is well qualified and can perform your insulation system evaluations needed for approval by the Building Control Commission.
(7) James is co-author of the AIRAH Application Manual, DA15, Air Filters, and a member of the Standards Australia ME80 committee on filter test standards. 
For your air filtration advice or design. or field testing, consult James Fricker. His FILIP software can optimise filter selection based on life-cycle costing.
Did you know that it is NOT mandatory for all air filters in Australian office buildings to have a minimum 20% initial No.1 dust efficiency? Read AS1668.2-1991 carefully.
(8) James did fundamental research into building energy targets and is co-author of "Calculating Energy Targets" published in the ASHRAE Journal, Vol 29, No.10. 
For your research & development needs, consult James Fricker.
(9) What is it?? This is a grease removal filter being tested to UL1046 for its ability to stop flame transfer down a kitchen exhaust. This test is available in Australia, done by me, despite rumours to the contrary by some keen to avoid the mandatory test called by BCA and AS1668.2-1991 Clause E7.1.
(10) Noise testing a prototype fan-coil unit in a semi-reverberation room. This particular setup shows additional filter media attached to the air inlet to simulate required operating pressure drop, while the actual test being performed is an in-duct discharge noise test with the microphone inside the duct on the left. This was a non-NATA test for preliminary evaluation of a prototype with only a few days turnaround from when the equipment arrived for testing to the final report delivery.
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