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54 Felix Crescent
Ringwood North, Vic 3134
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Phone: 03~9879~5744
(Note: fax terminated as email preferred)
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is a Single-Zone Load Estimation software for determining what size airconditioner or heater
a building zone needs to provide comfort. This version has AIRAH weather data for Australia, New Zealand,
Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Phillipines, PNG, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Vanuatu and Vietnam.

To install CoolEst Trial Version, please first close other programs and log on with
administrator rights, then Double-click here and run the 1.9MB MSI install file.

Note: Your operating system may prompt you to download a 24MB component of dotNet, the supporting library
file from Microsoft. If prompted, you will need to accept and install that first, then restart the CoolEst installation.

Once installed, to start CoolEst, browse to the new CoolEst folder and run CoolEst.EXE.

Enjoy 7 days of fully functional use for your thorough assessment. If you wish to purchase, the price
is $500+GST for registration and first year's use, then $100+GST thereafter to fund further development.
To purchase and register CoolEst, follow the software's prompts (at any time) or contact us.

Q1. Do I need to register before using the trial version?
A. No. Just click the "Trial" button to proceed. You have 7 days of full functionality.

Q2. How do I register?
A. Email your registration details: Company name, Contact Name, Phone Number, Mobile Number, eMail Address, Web site
and an invoice for payment by EFT will be emailed back. Upon payment, registration details will be emailed to you to convert your trial version to the registered version.

Q3 How do I add custom weather data, for example a client wants design conditions to be 2C higher than the AIRAH data to cater for expected global warming?
A. Before you open a project (i.e. with no projects open), click on Reference data, User defined locations, and proceed from there. When finished, save the user reference data, open the project, then select your custom location. (Note: We deliberately prevented editing the reference AIRAH weather data for QA reasons.)

Q4 Can I install under Windows 7?
A. Yes, but you may be prompted "This setup requires the .Net framework 1.1.4322. Please install the .Net Framework and run this setup again. The .Net Framework can be obtained from the web. Would you like to do this now?"
Click on .Net framework 1.1.4322 Ignore the "newer version available" and just click on the Download button beside "dotnetfx.exe 23.1MB"
After it is downloaded, run to install dotnetfx.exe.
After it is installed, retry installing CoolEst Trial Version.

[Note: CoolEst.msi is an installer, a bit like a Setup.exe.
This CoolEst v2.16 is for Windows XP to Windows 7.]

I hope your installation goes smoothly and you find CoolEst useful.
If you need help, or wish to purchase CoolEst, please email fricker@optusnet.com.au, or phone me.