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Welcome to Gyi’spire

                 Final Attack: 20th of January, 2006

Updated: Added four more races, one is hidden (still undiscovered). An avian race called the Scaven, aquatic race called Splinterscale, and Undead.  Also 2 more campaigns, Trap? (Scaven vs Elves) and Splinterscale Problem.  An update will occur next when I see the community is interested in my campaigns/races.  Remember if you want to see more sign my guestbook and/or play and rate my campaigns on DoW. 

                 Final Attack: 10th of January, 2006

Updated: Added a printable version of my campaigns to make it easy for people to print and play.  Also added a Gyi’spire history section, inside are a few select stories from the world of Gyi’spire.  Other minor updates as well.           

                 Final Attack: 9th of January, 2006

The most repeated phrase when hearing someone review Battlelore is, “this game has so much potential”.  I agree. So I can’t help but think about the different additions that can be made to enhance a solid game system.  To enhance this system I didn’t want to do anything that would just make the game needlessly complicated.  What I did want is to get a better feel for the world I was entering.  So I decided to create one.  The world of Gyi’spire (guy-spire).

I suggest looking at the races, and Heroes section.  Everything should be pretty straight forward, however the Elementalist is the most involved variation.  If you are just looking for a good game to play look at campaign.

A few of my ideas have been put onto this website to test the water.  See if anyone likes them.  If my ideas are well received, I will further expand.  So please send me comments and suggestions.

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Love Battlelore? Good at art design or Photoshop? Have a picture that would suit this site?  If so I could use your help.   I am pretty amateurish when it comes to web design, and art design.  If you are able to help, full credit will be paid to you.

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