it can be a back steerer....

....or a front one.....

.. you may be cruising,

..or REALLY pushing it,

just waiting for your outer wheel to raise a little from the ground: in anyway, once you have tried, you will ENJOY MORE AND MORE THE WONDERFULL FEELING OF QUIET SPEED!!!

Specifications: three wheeler land yacht. Width: 3000 mm. Height: 3600-4500 mm. Lenght: 4000 mm. Weight: 22 kg. Structure in welded and bolted steel. Detatchable seat and wheels, collapsable side arms, mast and boom. Max. sail size: 9 sq/m (100 sq/ft). Max. speed reached: 110 km/h with a 45 km/h wind, on asphalted surface. 95 km/h with a 48 km/h wind, on short grass.

These plans are the result of over one hundred succesfully built and driven land yachts, and they are complete and very easy to follow, GIVING THE OPTION OF FRONT OR BACK STEERING. A few hours of work and you too will be owning and enjoying a "QUIET SPEEDSTER"

Transform every windy day in a FUN DAY!!!

Price of plans : AUD 80+10 (postage and handling)

To order, please send a  POSTAL MONEY ORDER, in Australian dollars,   to : Bruno De Michelis - P.O. BOX 1628 Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia


Your set of plans will be sent to you by airmail as soon as your cheque or money order is cashed.

For any questions or further information please e-mail me

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