Ekranoplane (two seater w.i.g. effect craft), hovercraft, motorcycle integral fairings, paraplane, powerpacks for paragliders, archery crossbows, weight-shift microlight aircraft, land-yachts, recumbent tricycle.

D E S I G N S  A N D   P L A N S


P R O F.   B R U N O   D E   M I C H E L I S 

All the plans presented in these pages have been designed and used to produce real crafts which were successfully built and tested with positive results for several years.

Please click on the titles or pictures to view the plans and relative specifications. Enjoy!

Ekranoplane ( wing-in-ground effect vessel)

Motorcycle integral fairings


Power pack / Paraplane


Archery Crossbows


Two seater Hovercraft


Weight-shift Microlight Aircraft


High performance Land-yacths


Recumbent High performance Trycicle


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