Physical and Mental Health

Relaxation and good health are important to mental and physical health - essential pre-requisites to creative thinking. I like to go jogging, where I have had the greatest abundance of ideas. During jogging, I have visualised computer programs, story ideas and solutions to different problems. I attribute the value of jogging and other forms of exercise such as walking, cycling, and swimming to the following: There are drugs which purport to increase the brain's ability and performance, but I have seen no evidence to prove this. Psychedelic drugs, I am told, produce vivid imagery which the user is never able to capture. Hunter S. Thompson, in his recent book "The Songs of Doomed" writes in the preface about his drug habit and what it does to his writing, but I don't believe drugs can increase creativity. Instead, the body and mind should be operating at peak efficiency through correct diet, exercise, rest and fresh air.

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Last updated: 4th August 1999