An exercise

From Ned Herrmann's book The Creative Brain
1. Imagine you have been given 10 million dollars a year income, tax-free, that no-one knows about, and you are free to do whatever you like with it for the rest of your life. How would you live your life?

2. Imagine that you have a year to live in good health with no money problems. List the things you would do with that time. How does that list compare with how you're spending your time now?

3. Write your epitaph. What does it say? What would you like it to say? What would you have to change in your life in order to make that epitaph true? What would that take? Are you willing to do it?

Creative people live as if there were no tomorrow, which is part of what enables them to be passionate about today.

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Last updated: 4th August 1999