Isn't creativity found in a few people, like inventors or artists?

Most (if not all) people are creative to various extents. It's just that some people act on their ideas and others ignore them. Inventors and artists take action on their ideas. How may people have said "I could have done that". The response to that is "Well, why didn't you?" or "Too late...someone else thought of it first".

That is the whole purpose of creativity develop one's ability to generate and implement new ideas.

Different people have different levels and abilities of creativity, much like anything else that is a skill However, everyone can be creative if they want to be.

And like other skills, creativity can be developed. Often people will think they aren't creative because they are basing their opinion on a skill they don't have, e.g. "I am a lousy painter." But that doesn't mean I can't be creative as a painter even though I make horrid stuff. A lack of creativity is not what is limiting my output as a painter.

Creativity, the ability to generate novel responses to problems and challenges, is a basic human ability. Some people are encouraged to express their creative ability more than others and may even get rewarded for doing so. Artists, in addition to expressing their creativity, also have traits like manual dexterity, good eye-hand coordination and other skills than enable them to more fully express their creative thoughts. Similarly, athletes, teachers, scientists and auto mechanics have special skill sets that enable them to express their creative ideas.

In western societies people seem to assign certain universal human abilities, like creativity, to only a subset of all people (usually artists, musicians and architects) making it more difficult for all members of society to see themselves as creative people. This is a Western myth that we must be aware of and work to overcome.

Some people have extraordinary talents in fields that have been recognized as "creative." When they combine these extraordinary talents with the determination and persistence that it takes to achieve skill mastery, they are recognized as creative artists. Inventors are generally better than average at channeling their creativity towards practical ends, whereas artists are better at expressing themselves creatively.

There are, however, many ways of being creative. Each of us can be creative if we recognize our unique talents and develop mastery in those areas. That is no guarantee that the world will recognize us... but it does provide the soul satisfaction that comes with living a creative life.

Thus, we can freely assert that creativity is found in all people and that creative talents can be increased with study.

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Last updated: 2nd August 2002