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All manner of things can detrimentally affect the performance of your instrument. Rust can attack your reeds putting them out of tune. Dust buildup can do similar. The leather flap valves behind the reeds can curl with time, causing grumbly notes, airy notes or sharp notes. Alternately they can stiffen causing flat notes and an unresponsive instrument. The wax securing the reed plates can crack with age causing buzzy notes or sharp notes (or fallen out reed plates). Glue can fail on pallettes causing continually playing notes. Moths can eat away the felt in pallettes causing similar. Airline handlers like nothing better than dropping your instrument causing problems in the bass mechanism, dislodged reed blocks or fallen out reed plates. All this is within the normal scope of my repairwork. I offer at reasonable prices with quick turnover full retuning, full revalving and rewaxing, repalletting, all manner of mechanical repairs etc. Also on offer is major modification work - Double octave tuning converted to musette, C/G melodeons converted to B/C, B system chromatics converted to C system etc etc. I also have available a top class pickup system. For all enquiries contact me on or (61)402454830 or (61)394598864
Peter Anderson.


Check this fella. He knows as much about fixing the things as I do, but somehow found the time to write a lot of it down.
A good place to look if you need a teacher or a closer repairer.


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