LedWiz Mod's to use with MaLa

This may be of interest to some Led-Wiz owners?

I stumbled upon the following and after much testing and pondering I have decided to advise you all of my findings.

Part 1- Mod to use as 32 Led controller

If you swap the Main Led-Wiz CPU chip with an ’IO-Warroior40-P’ CPU chip it can then be used with MaLa FE acting just like a MaLa hardware 32 LED controller.
I have been running it under a full load for a week without encountering any problems

How is it done:?
1)   Carefully remove the Led-Wiz Chip

2) Carefully insert the IO-Warrior40-P chip

See video of it running HERE

Then I thought, why would some people want to do this?
I guess if you are not happy with the Wiz software currently available. (I have seen some posts in this forum) and doing this (short term if you want) change would then allow you to take advantage of LED support built into MaLa straight away. This includes having Leds flash in sequences of your choosing and lighting up the appropriate buttons for the currently selected/loaded game.
You can always switch the chips back so it will run as a Led-Wiz again down the track when you feel the LedWiz software is right for your emu-gaming needs.

* I stand to make no fiscal gain from this discovery. I don’t care what you do!!!   Wink
* I found it to be completely reversible   Grin
* The LED numbering differs when run under MaLa (not a big deal, see table below)
* No doubt this will void any LedWiz warranty
* No special Led-Wiz ‘light intensity’ features currently function with MaLa
* You need appropriate in line resistors for the Led’s (Just as you would with normal Led-Wiz operation.) Refer to the guide that is supplied with the Led Wiz to determine what resistors you need.

Of course basic precautions should taken when handing Integrated circuits to avoid damage caused by static electricity. Also ensure you do not force or bend IC pins.
Take great care that the IC is orientated the correct way (small semi-circle indent on the chip should be on the USB connector side). The CPU could be damaged if it not inserted the correct way.

I searched on the internet and the cost is US$20 each  to a Purchase IO-Warrior40-P chip. The USA and Canada distributor is:
Carole Holcomb
North American Distributor
Code Mercenaries
(408) 360-8951
FAX: (408) 226-7303
To order, they need your VISA or MasterCard number, expiration date and shipping information.  If your billing address is different than your shipping address then they need that as well.  You may either email them this information, fax it to (408) 226-7303 or, email your shipping and billing address and call them with your credit card number.

Mala    Labeled on Wiz as:
1        25
2        26
3        27
4        28
5        29
6        30
7        31
8        32
9        17
10        18
11        19
12        20
13        21
14        22
15        23
16        24
17        9
18       10
19       11
20       12
21       13
22       14
23       15
24       16
25       1
26       2
27       3
28       4
29       5
30       6
31       7
32       8

Let me know if you have any questions http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=55856.0

Part 2- Mod to use as LCD + 16 Led Controller

As you have learned in Part 1 when you have swapped the LedWiz chip over to a ’IO-Warrior40-P’ You can run it as is and it will act as a 32 LED controller. But alternatively you can modify it slightly to run as a 16LED and LCD controller:

Here is how to do it:  (not really for beginners)

1) Remove two of the four ULN chips (as shown below)
2) Add bridges in some of the ULN chips slots (as shown below)
3) Connect LedWiz to your LCD display. 11 connections using ribbon cable
4) Obtain two 10K pots and create circuit (as shown below)

* You need a source of 5V (eg another USB port as I did)
* You may also need a resistor on the brightness line (51ohm?) Check you LCD docs (or ask me)
* Do not attempt to attach the LCD before the 2 ULN chips are removed. Otherwise a 5V voltage could be sent to incorrect Pins of the LCD
* As well as the LCD display you need to buy two 10K pots for adjusting LCD & Contrast
• Use ribbon cable to connect the LCD (to ensure each strand is approx the same length) but don’t use cable longer than about 1 Meter
• Check your LCD for correct connections (not all use this standard)
* This mod supports Character LCD displays up to 4x20. For larger displays you will need to use MaLa Hardware.
* This LCD Mod is also completely reversible.

Here is a bridge I made from a LED leg (quite easily)

Here are a couple of Bridges already in place:

For a detailed picture of where the bridges should go look here

It is vital that you do not bridge the sections marked 'NO' in the picture linked above. It will most likely result in damage to you Led Wiz

Let me know if you have any questions http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=55856.0

Have Fun!