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Aragon's brand new album “The Angels Tear” has finally been released worldwide through LaBraD’or Records in Holland. The first official “new” album in six years was recorded, mixed and engineered by John at the bands own “Rabbit Stewdios” downunder. The album contains artwork designed by Les and eight all new original tracks listed as follows: “Growing up in Cuckoo Land”, “Discovery”, “The Room of Brilliant Light”, “In the Name of God”, “Copper Bob and the Pirates at the Gates of Redemption”, “The Angels Tear”, “Voyeur”, and “The Silent Field”. Click on the album sleeve to order.

Ask Us A Question

:- Focusrite comes to “Rabbit Stewdios”.

:- Rabbit Stewdios shut down for 2 weeks for

   refurbishment. (we need more bar space people).

:- As if you didn’t know it. “The Angels Tear” has

   been released worldwide through LaBraD’or  


:- Personal pages up and running soon on the





Ok, our friends worldwide have never really had the opportunity to ask us the serious questions, so now’s your chance. Email us with all your questions, band and musician related, and we will publish them all here on the web in their complete and unedited glory for all to read. 

Rabbit Stewdios Takes A Break

Now don’t get too carried away here, this may not be all you hoped for!!! This is a club for all you diehard Aragon fans. Here you can  purchase all sorts of interesting stuff from extra tracks  to signed CD’s, rarities, remixes and all sorts of free and for sale goodies. So how do you join? Easy, send us an email with “Oogle Woogle Oop Boop I want to be a member” in  the subject line, and you’re a member! erm ..of the club.

:- New Downloads will be updated here. You

   will be able to download things like explorer

   bars, screen savers, free tracks, windows

   wallpapers and  rarities.

:- “Don’t bring the Rain” wallpaper added.

:- “Band  wallpaper added.

:- Aragon internet explorer bar added.

:- Here you will find items for sale as they come

    up. Our first item will be a sampler of Aragon

    tracks.  More news on this will be posted soon.

The Voyeur Club

All Aragon recording is completed at the moment so “Rabbit Stewdios” are closing for a couple of weeks to get a nice little refurb and re-arrange.

All members of the band are currently fighting over who sits nearest the bar!!

:- iO Pages from Holland will

    include an interview with

    Aragon in their next issue.

    Click on the picture on the

    right to be transported  to

    their web page.

Embarrassing Photo Of The Month!!

A shot taken early on in Aragon's career sees the rest of the band rush off the stage and go home when Les wore his first stage outfit. Les was later heard to say:-

      “Is there anybody out there”

Send us a caption for this photo and we will print the funniest one here.